Tuesday 9 October 2012

Unsocialize: Bypass Social Reader’s Request Page On Facebook [Chrome]

If you sit on Facebook regularly, you must have seen your News Feed contain items such as “Friend A read Article X”, for example. Whenever you click on that article, you are required to go through the “Social Reader” permission page that requests access to your personal information, and post stuff on your timeline, every article you read is posted on your timeline for your friends to see.

Unsocialize is an extension for Google Chrome that lets people bypass the default Facebook social reader page and go directly to the page you intend to go to.

The extension adds an Unsocialize option in the Google Chrome right-click menu that helps users bypass social readers app requests page, and open the article in a new tab. The extension works for various apps that require you to go through a permission page – Viddy videos, New York Times, etc.


  • No need to pass through permission page – go directly to intended article.
  • Works on various apps, not just “Social Reader” apps.
  • One-click unlink is quick and easy.

Chcek out Unsocialize @

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