Tuesday 9 October 2012

VesselFinder: Free Online Ship Tracking Tool

Vessel Finder is a helpful and valuable tool that can be used by organizations and people alike to find the routes of different ships and their location. You can also search for ships by their name or IMO and MMSI.

If you are a crew member of one of the ships listed down on Vessel Finder, you can contribute to the website by adding a picture of the ship to the gallery – it would help people to know what the vessel looks like. Currently, Vessel Finder has a huge database of vessels, with over 170,000 vessels listed already. The website has a gallery section where different photographers have posted images of the ships that are in Vesseltracker’s database.

Underneath the vessel is written its IMO code, the type of vessel it is (Tug, Tanker, Fishing, etc) and its destination. All you have to do is paste the name, IMO or MMSI of the ship in the field provided and it will show you the location of the ship, its speed, estimated arrival time and last reported time of the ship.


  • Find location of specific ships, their final destination, and their estimated time of arrival.
  • Add/Find images to vessels and expand the already huge database of vessel gallery on Vessel Finder.
  • Check ports and their origin.
  • Check photographs of different vessels.

Check out Vessel Finder @ www.vesselfinder.com

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