Saturday 27 October 2012

Nokia brings new Xpress Browser for Lumia devices

The new browser for Nokia Lumia devices makes web browsing faster, cheaper and a lot easier for the user.

Following the launch of a web browser for S40 devices, Nokia has announced the launch of a new Xpress browser for Lumia devices. The browser brings along a host of new features that make browsing fun and a lot cheaper too. Although the browser is not available as a retail product, users can easily get their hands on the Xpress browser from the Nokia Beta labs.

To make web browsing cheaper and faster, the new browser relies on data compression technology. With the use of this technology websites are compressed at the server level before being sent to the mobile device, thus allowing devices to complete tasks while reducing data downloads. Nokia is not the first one to use this technology, though, as Opera has been using it for a long time now for its mobile and PC based web browsers. The Xpress browser is claimed to save 85 per cent of the data that regular browsers do.

Along with that the browser also allows users to monitor their usage from within the web browser itself, and if they want to they can save their favourite pages in the cold storage using Microsoft's very own Skydrive.

The new Xpress browser comes with Nokia's unique magazine feature that automatically adds sites with feeds to users' collections as they save them. The easy to use magazine layout allows users to turn pages with a swipe to quickly and easily read interesting topics.

Also, users can make use of the translation feature that allows them to translate almost any web page and read it in their own language.

You can download Xpress from here.

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