Sunday, 28 October 2012

JustEdit: Browser-Based JavaScript, HTML & CSS Editor [Chrome]

Are you looking for a new way to write and practice your JavaScript, HTML and CSS coding? If you are, JustEdit is a nice light option that works right from Google Chrome. It is a simple editor that does exactly what you need it to, and that is it lets you write your code with minimal distraction.

The main feature that should get most developers excited is the ability to execute and run code directly from the handy Chrome extension. This allows you test things on the fly, before you put in hours of work only to find out there is a problem when you run it through a compiler later.

Everything in JustEdit is based on the platform. provides a place for developers to get together and share bits of code they have created with other developers. Overall, JustEdit is a very simple web app, but it does what it needs to and does it well.


  • Simple browser-based editor.
  • Edit and write CSS, HTML and JavaScript from your Chrome browser.
  • Execute code directly from the browser.
  • Backed by platform.

Find JustEdit on the Chrome Web Store

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