Wednesday 24 October 2012

Samsung unveils Guru Music, Guru 1207 entry level phones

Samsung is offering free music download and games with the Guru Music which is priced at Rs 1,730, while Guru 1207 is priced at Rs 1,250.

Samsung has added two very basic dual SIM phones to its lineup in India with Guru Music and Guru 1207. Billed as the successor of Hero Music, the Guru Music comes with GPRS, Bluetooth, and a dedicated music button. On the other hand, the Guru 1207 gets FM Radio, Torch and a powerful battery offering long life.

The Guru Music is priced at Rs 1730 while the Guru 1207 is priced at Rs 1,250. Both the phones offer what Samsung calls 'smart dual SIM function' with easy SIM management.

For Guru Music, Samsung is also partnering with operators to offer free music and game downloads. However, company officials refused to comment on the details about which operator will participate and how many songs will people get for free.

Offering free content is important as Nokia has been offering free music for the buyers of its Asha series of feature phones and has got a good lead over rivals in the feature phone segment.

While Guru Music's 1000 mAh battery claims to provide 12 hours of talk time, Guru 1207 said to have 8 hours of talktime with its 800 mAH battery.


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