Saturday 27 October 2012

SwiftKey Flow to take on Swype with continuous input, predictions

SwiftKey has announced yet another keyboard app for Android. Set to arrive soon, it has been dubbed as SwiftKey Flow. Company gave an early peek at this virtual keyboard on Thursday and it looks really nice.

SwiftKey Flow is brining continuous input. So, instead of tapping individual keys, you will be able to type by simply dragging you fingers from letter to letter continuously.

While, all of this sounds similar to Swype, SwiftKey is adding its own prediction powers to be distinctive. SwiftKey Flow will not only be able to show suggestions for the word, you are currently typing, but also be able to predict the next word in the sentence, based on the context.

“This is different to the other keyboards out there. It’s been built from the ground up based on SwiftKey’s powerful engine. From the moment you touch the screen, SwiftKey Flow begins offering predictions based on the movement of your finger. Simply let go of the screen as soon as the desired word is predicted – sometimes four or five characters before you’ve finished gesturing it out – and SwiftKey seamlessly enters your word onto the screen,” company noted on the official blog.

Company plans to start the beta testing of SwiftKey Flow in the coming weeks and you can sign up of their website to get a chance to try out the app. The consumer release is expected in first quarter of 2013.

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