Tuesday 30 October 2012

VideoMach: A Video Format Converter With Video Editing Features

Most freeware video conversion applications offer a limited set of features that are restricted to converting videos from one format to another. As a result, you end up installing a bunch of different software apps for video conversions, picture-to-video conversions, and video fix-ups.

Here to combine all these features and present them in a single package is a tool called VideoMach.

VideoMach is a desktop application that lets you convert videos between different file formats. Picture-to-video conversions are also supported. A wide range of file formats are supported including AVI, JPEG, MPEG, RGB, WAV, and more.

Video fix-up features are also supported; these include rotating videos, resizing them, removing borders, sharpening videos, adjusting colors, arranging videos into arrays, overlaying text / logos, and adding audio to animations.

VideoMach offers a free and a paid version; the free version offers limited functionality when it comes to a few file formats whereas the paid versions has these limitations removed.


  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.
  • Lets you convert video formats.
  • Lets you fix up videos.
  • Lets you create animation from images.

Check out VideoMach @ www.gromada.com/videomach

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