Wednesday 24 October 2012

Beach Candy Now : Create Invoices While Doing Social Good

Online invoicing apps are numerous. You can choose between free and paid plans, all with different features and benefits. Some invoicing apps like Freshbooks offer a comprehensive feature set. But then you also have simple apps like BeachCandyNow, that may be lightweight in terms of features, but still offer a unique identity. In this case, BeachCandyNow lets you do social good, by forwarding a portion of your fee to social projects.

BeachCandyNow lets you manage all your invoices from a single dashboard. Creating invoices is as simple as filling in the required information and then scheduling the time it needs to go out. No additional plugins or desktop software is needed as you only need  the browser to make the app work.

BeachCandyNow have various plans available with the free plan allowing you to manage up to three invoices. The Lollipop plan for $27 lets you send unlimited invoices and register unlimited users, while at the same time letting you donate $5.40 to social projects.
This app is great for online professionals who just like a working invoice software, that is easy to use, while giving ourselves the opportunity to help other people.


  • Easy invoicing software.
  • Manage invoices from one dashboard.
  • Portion of payment goes to social projects.

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