Tuesday 30 October 2012

Bushido Tickets: Keep a Track Of Issues Faces In Development Of Software

While developing software, programmers encounter various issues during and after the software has been made. For example, you might have created a web application that is unable to connect to a Twitter account. As a developer, you would want users to report this issue and your team to react to this issue. Here to offer you this service is a website called Bushido Tickets.

Bushido Tickets is a user-friendly web service that is currently in its beta stage and free to use. The site helps you track and manage issues that arise during the development or testing of software. You start by creating an account on the website. You can then create a project per software that you are developing. In each project, issues can be added by other invited developers so that your team members can take notice and begin working on that software issue. You are able to view a progress bar that indicates how many issues of the total number have been solved. Under the bar you can how many users have been subscribed to the projects. Following that, you find the list of software issues.

Issues can be added by setting a name and a description. To better explain an issue, you can attach an image with the ticket. Issues can be prioritized as critical, high, normal, low, and trivial. Comments can be left on the issue which enables interaction between developers and others.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Helps you manage software issues
  • Lets others leave comments on issues
  • You can attach images with each ticket
  • Issues can be prioritized
  • Sorts issues according to project
  • Shows progress bar that shows how many issues have been solved

Check out Bushido Tickets @ http://bushidotickets.com/

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