Sunday 21 October 2012

AppDetective: Monitor The Windows Apps Marketplace For Specific New Apps

Are you the owner of a Windows phone and are you constantly searching the Windows Apps Marketplace for certain must-have apps? Are you tired of constantly not finding what you want or getting a bunch of non-relevant results? Then put your time to better more productive use and automate the whole app searching process by using the free AppDetective.

AppDetective is a free app for Windows Phone which allows you to enter specific queries of what you are looking for (such as “Dropbox”, “Instagram”, “Skype”, etc), and then the app runs in the background, continually monitoring the Apps Marketplace for you.  When it finds results it thinks are relevant, it presents them to you in the Live Tile.  If any of the results are useless and non-relevant, just tap them away and AppDetective remembers, so it doesn’t bother you with them again next time.

You are warned though by the app developer that an app like this can be a potential battery drainer so you are advised not to set up the query cycle too often.


  • Automate your search for Windows Phone apps by specifying what you are looking for
  • Have results presented to you in the Live Tile
  • Tap away any non-relevant results and the app will remember.

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