Saturday 20 October 2012

Google support to increase India specific apps on Android

Now expect paid application from Indian developers too to come on Google Play application store

Google Play till now had seller support for a limited number of countries. This meant that app developers only from a few countries would be able to publish their paid applications on the Google Play store and sell them. Well now Google has also announced the inclusion of seller support for Indian application developers as well.

With this new addition, Indian application developers will now also be able to submit paid applications to the Google Play store and sell them with either a onetime payment or a subscription based model.

With Seller Support, app developers based out of India, who were only able to make free applications earlier, will now be able to publish paid application too.

This will would definitely encourage them to develop better and ad free applications and provide more services to users.

So with a onetime fee for the applications, users will be able to get advertisement free applications from Indian application developers.

Users purchasing applications in India can now purchase them in their respective currency as opposed to US dollars. Google is encouraging that all developers start setting the proper pricing information for Indian Rupees as soon as they possibly can and no more conversion would be required.

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