Wednesday 31 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S IV rumoured to sport Exynos 5450 processor

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is touted to be Samsung's next flagship smartphone after the Galaxy S III. The latest rumour about the handset comes via SamMobile, which sourced the information from DDaily that the Galaxy S IV will feature the new Samsung Exynos 5450 processor.

As per the SamMobile report, “According to the latest rumours is Samsung going to use their new EXYNOS 5450 processor (codename Adonis) in their new upcoming Galaxy S IV. Samsung’s current Galaxy S III is using the EXYNOS 4412 this is a quad/core processor based on 1.4 ghz Cortex – A9 architecture (which is quite fast already). If this rumor is true Samsung will blow everybody away! The EXYNOS 5450 is a big beast in speed and is very efficient in power technologies. Samsung firstly wanted to use the EXYNOS 5250 in their smartphones and tablets. But since LG started to develop their own processor and marketing term quad-core is a hot item at the moment.  Looks like Samsung decided to use the EXYNOS 5450 in their Galaxy S IV.”

This is not the first time we are hearing about the next flagship from Samsung, with an earlier report stating that the S IV would be unveiled at the 2013 Mobile World Congress event to be held in Barcelona.

According to company officials and local parts suppliers, Samsung Electronics plans to unveil the latest handset in its Galaxy line, the S IV, at a European technology exhibition in February. The schedule was released only three days after Samsung’s rival Apple introduced the iPhone 5. The new device is expected to hit shelves globally by March next year. Executives from Samsung’s local parts suppliers said the company’s new flagship smartphone will "definitely use’’ LTE networks. It will also sport its in-house Exynos-branded application processors and quad-core chips.

The S IV is expected to feature a lot of improvements over the S III, the most notable being the increase in the size of the display. The anonymous Samsung source has stated that the display size will be 5 inches, and that it is not certain if the screen will feature flexible display technology. The official went on to state that Samsung intends to implement the one year product schedule and the Galaxy S IV may be the first product to match this strategy. The handset will feature the rectangular styling with rounded corners found on the S III, but it is expected to have some external design changes.

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