Sunday 21 October 2012

KanbanFlow: Create & Manage To-Do Lists For Personal & Collaborative Use

If you have a lot of tasks to do on your list, then it is best to keep your task list organized, updated, and in view. Here to offer you a tool to maintain such a task list is a web service called KanbanFlow.

KanbanFlow is a free to use web service that lets you create and manage to-do lists. The first step in using the service is to create an account and then begin adding tasks to your list.

Adding a task is quite easy – you can name each task and optionally add a description. You can add a color code and a time estimate. Multiple people can be invited to your task list and each new task you add can be assigned to different group members.

Your tasks can be sorted into different columns entitled To-do, Do Today, In Progress, and Done. You can simply drag tasks from on column to the other to indicate its status and keep your list updated.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create and manage your task list.
  • Tasks can be color-coded.
  • You can assign tasks to different group members.

Check out KanbanFlow @

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