Sunday 21 October 2012

Beta-Searchable: Handy Pop Up Search For Highlighted Text On A Website [Chrome]

Beta-Searchable is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to highlight some text and hold down your mouse to button over the text and get a handy popup box that allows you to search for the selection across the Internet. It is incredibly easy to use, and it makes finding a term mentioned on a website as easy as possible.

There are two search options on the popup. The first option is Google. Using Google you can search the web for the highlighted text. You can also search for images and videos on YouTube using this quick, easy to use popup. For example, if you mention your favorite musician on a message board, you can highlight the text and quickly find videos on YouTube.

If you click the little arrow above the Google logo you will be able to perform a social search using Topsy. From here you can find socially shared videos, tweets and images. Depending on what kind of search results you are looking for, the social options can work very well to meed your needs.


  • Handy popup search box for Google Chrome.
  • Searches Google on the web, images and YouTube videos.
  • Social search options using Topsy.
  • Plays videos right in the popup so you don’t need to leave your page.
  • Incredibly easy to use.

Find Beta-Searchable  on the Chrome Web Store

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