Sunday 28 October 2012

JoyTunes: Help Your Children Learn The Recorder Or Piano Through Interactive Games [iOS]

Learning a musical instrument can be really difficult in the initial stages. This can be very discouraging for young children who have just begun learning. Here to offer some assistance is a tool called JoyTunes.

JoyTunes is a tool that helps young children learn the recorder or the piano. The app basically provides interactive games that require children to play the right notes on their instruments. The service offers two iOS applications: one for the recorder and one for the piano.

Both of these apps require your child to have an iPad device that is running version 4.3 or later of iOS. The game detects musical notes through the iPad’s microphone and lets your children progress to the next stages, provided they keep playing properly.

The apps have received many positive reviews which indicate that children love learning to play their musical instruments through the help of these games. These apps being absolutely free give you another reason to give them a try.


  • A user-friendly device app.
  • Compatible with the iPad.
  • Helps teach the recorder or piano through games.
  • Offers various exciting game levels.

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