Wednesday 24 October 2012

DLTTR Delete Tweets: Mass-Delete Posts From Your Twitter Account [iOS]

Do you find yourself tweeting something that you later regret? Perhaps a series of tweets that you think should not belong in your profile? If you need to mass-delete tweets, then you should check out DLTTR. This Twitter utility app for iOS lets you select your tweets by days, weeks, or months, and then delete them all at once.

Once installed on your iOS device, all you need to do is add in your account and then view your tweets. You can filter tweets using different time ranges, and then select the tweets that you would like to delete. Once you are ready to delete, just tap the big red delete button, with matching sound effects, to get rid of those tweets.

Delete Tweets: DLTTR is a great way to clean up your profile especially after a drunken night of tweeting. While Twitter is an intimate tool for broadcasting and communicating, Delete Tweets offers a great counter-balance for Twitter folks who are drowning with their own tweets and need to remove their own posts.


  • One click option to delete tweets.
  • Available for iOS.
  • Filter tweets by date and select to delete.
  • Also works as your own Twitter feed.

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