Sunday 28 October 2012 Easily Manage Your Email Subscriptions In Gmail

The quest for ending email overload starts with removing all of your unwanted subscriptions that you have mindlessly added before. Although Gmail’s filters are a good way to block subscriptions, the best approach is to manage each subscription and remove them altogether. For this specific need, you should check out This app scans your emails, detects your subscriptions, then lets you manage and delete them.

Using this service is a breeze as all you need is your email account to get started.’s core function lets you convert your email subscriptions into threads. This will allow you to view your email subscriptions at a glance. Subscriptions are also grouped into different website types like social, news, financial, shopping and more. is a space and clutter-saving app if you are OCD with your email inbox. Keeping track of current offers and subscriptions you are listed in gives you a general pattern of your opt-in habits.


  • Scans your e-mails and determines your e-mail subscriptions.
  • Sorts and organizes subscriptions for you.
  • Quickly delist yourself from subscriptions.
  • View e-mail subscription updates.

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