Sunday 21 October 2012

Download Master: Download Multiple Files From A Single Webpage [Chrome]

Downloading multiples files from a website is a tiring process. It involves a lot of clicks, some waiting, and then more clicks. If you are using Google Chrome, you can start downloading files at once using Download Master.

Once Download Master is installed, you can download a bunch of files by clicking the icon on the extension bar. Download Manager will scan the page and find matching downloadable files such as images, documents, video files, and more. You can then check the items you want to download from the list or click to choose all. You can also add specific file types for Download Master to consider. The tool is also great for searching for only the file you need, thanks to the quick search field.

Download Master is a useful Chrome extension for users who need to download multiple files in bulk. This extension makes the process of downloading files much more efficient and less clunky.


  • Free; easy to use.
  • Choose which file and data you need to download.
  • Search files you are about to download.
  • Select files to download or click to download all.

Check out Download Master @

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