Wednesday 31 August 2011

Spot a bug on Facebook and they will pay you!

Security is an issue that no firm would downplay, especially not when millions have been lost due to loopholes in the security systems. Taking the initiative further, with help from none other than its 750 million user base is Facebook, with its latest initiative, promptly called - 'bug bounty' security initiative. Under its Bug Bounty security initiative, Facebook will reward those who expose the loopholes in its security systems.

Facebook adds that in its three-week stint so far, it has already given out rewards worth $40,000. To those who just spot a bug, Facebook will pay $500 at least, while those others with impressive findings will be paid more, as per the findings. Currently receiving entries from over 16 countries round the globe, Facebook's initiative is not only open to hard-core security researchers, but also to those who treat hacking as a mere hobby.

Interestingly, Facebook is going the extra mile to convince bug-hunters that even if the methods they use to intrude into Facebook's systems are not legal, they would not face any legal action, whatsoever. To facilitate the same, Facebook stated that it has got in touch with several such third-party institutions who ensured that the social networking giant's policy covered white hat hackers. If you would like to share your expertise, and help Facebook tighten its loose strings, then you can enroll yourself in the bug bounty program. For more details on the same, click here.

Mozilla working on a tablet version of Firefox.

Like Firefox for Android, Mozilla is already working to bring all the goodies to your Honeycomb tablet. It will take a few steps up from its phone version.

In the blog post( today, Mozilla mobile team highlighted a few of these upcoming enhancements. Firefox for tablets takes a cue from Honeycomb in theming department and then there is Awesomebar, which provides quick access to your favorite sites and bookmarks from within the URL bar.

Coming to the last one detailed right now – Tabs. In landscape mode, tabs exist in a persistent left bar, allowing for quicker browsing. While, in portrait mode, this tab bar gets rolled up into a menu item at the top of the screen, to free up browsing space below.

We are always waiting for another good web browser for tablets and everyone loves a Firefox.

Samsung Galaxy Ace getting Gingerbread update in India

Samsung India has started rolling out Android 2.3.4 update for Galaxy Ace in the country. Update is now available via Samsung Kies. Full change-log is not available right now, but according to the previous announcement from Samsung, this update increases battery life, improved user interface, faster access and control and a more intuitive user experience in addition to improved copy-paste functionality.

The new update also adds the much needed Indic languages support, which was earlier missing in the smartphone. So what are you waiting for, download Kies now and download the update.

As you would know every update is rolled out in batches, so if you don’t get the update on the first go – don’t worry, you will get in the next few days. According to Samsung, you will soon be able to get your Ace updated by going to a service center also, so if not possible via Kies, go to your nearest service center.

Drop in your experiences with the updated Galaxy Ace in the comments. Also you can help out others by mentioning how you were able to successfully update the device.

Microsoft reveals some more of Windows 8.

Microsoft’s popular software, Windows is undergoing a change, and they let out some more glimpses of the latest one, Windows 8. In a blog post, authored by Alex Simons, a part of the project management team, several additions are being made on the platform before it is introduced to its lot of anxious users. Among those changes are ones being made to a Windows Explorer, thereby helping it improve the way it interacts with the yet-to-be-released Windows 8 OS. Users could expect to view a tab on their Windows Explorer, nicknamed the ‘ribbon’, which would be found useful by those who essentially weren't 'power users'. The ribbon would add a new face to the layout, with more 'streamlined' placement of icons on the browser.

Among other additions that users can expect Windows 8 to pack, include support for ISO and VHD files. Microsoft believes that by providing access to these file formats in the upcoming Windows 8 would make the process of accessing huge amounts of stored data in ISO and VHD formats with ease. When first mentioned in June, Microsoft had added that Windows 8 was built such that it could be used across platforms with varied operations, which included devices from the humble desktop, to a new-age tablet. At the D9 conference, attendees caught some more glimpses of the features of the Windows 8, including better interface of Windows' mobile platform, Windows Phone 7. In the post, Simons underlined Microsoft's three main goals in mind, while taking Windows 8 into perspective. He added that the 'most used' commands on Windows would be placed in the most prominent positions of the UI, thereby reducing, if not eliminating the search period. They would also look at bringing back some of MS's hits in the times to come.

More glimpses are being promised at Microsoft's Developer's Conference in Anaheim, California, beginning from September 13. Alternatively, the video below should quench some anxiousness.

New Android App Allows BT Connectivity with PlayStation Controllers

Dancing Pixel Studios have released a new paid Android App that control your wireless device, with a little complex setup. Also, this application does not work without root access and according to the company, is incompatible with most HTC devices and newer Samsung devices as they do not have the required Bluetooth protocol.

For the rest of you here’s what you got to do to get that PlayStation controller up and running with your Android phone. Firstly, check device compatibility using their free ‘SixAxis Compatibility Checker’ app on the Android Market. If your device is supported, you can purchase the ‘SixAxis Controller’ app from the Market. Thereafter, download the SixAxisPairTool from their website and manually connect your controller to the PC. This has to be done only the first time, for every new device you connect your controller to. The phone’s Bluetooth address needs to be fed to the software on the PC, which enables the Bluetooth connection. Here’s a quick instruction manual and a video from the developers on how to get the whole thing to work

Wait, there’s more! Care for multiplayer action on a portable form factor? There’s good news for you then, as this application supports connection for four controllers at-a-time! Now, if somebody could just get us this floatation stand for Android phones, we’d be happy gamers! And while we’re still at it, how about 1080p games running on phones synced via DLNA to your HDTV!

HTC announces Evo 3D in India, coming soon for INR 36K.

HTC has announced its first 3D Android smartphone Evo 3D in the Indian Market today at Qualcomm India On 2011. Priced at INR 35,990, it will be available in the market very soon.

HTC Evo 3D is the second such phone to reach the country, LG Optimus 3D was first and was announced recently. Powered by Android 2.3 and Qualcomm 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon processor, Evo 3D features a 4.3 inch glasses free 3D display, dual 5MP camera for 3D recording and 1.3 MP front camera.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

MapmyIndia releases India’s first navigation tablet Carpad

Looking for a dedicated device for all your needs inside a car, well MapmyIndia has announced a tablet, which will fulfill most of them. Aptly dubbed as CarPad, this navigation oriented tablet will be available in the market and online starting September 15 for INR 22,990.

Powered by Android 2.2, CarPad comes with 800 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processor, 7 inch capacitive display and full navigation suite from MapmyIndia along with a camera. It supports 3G networks along with WiFi connectivity, so you can always be connected.

MapmyIndia CarPad features:

Turn by Turn voice navigation
Full 3D navigation with detailed maps including house numbers
Bundles car kit with included mounts for both front and back seat use
3G support, use your favorite SIM to connect on the go
In the box: CarPad, 8GB SD card, Car Ki (CarPad holder, Car Charger, headrest mount, windshield mount)
For more info visit here .

Nokia to add NFC functionality to its future devices

Nokia, the world's largest mobile seller - by volume - has great confidence in the NFC technology and feels that this technology will go places in the near future. Based on this, at the launch event held in Hong Kong for the Symbian Belle update and the three new Symbian phones, Nokia announced that all its future devices will have an NFC chip built-in. During the event, the Vice President of Nokia, Ilari Nurmi announced, “From now on, all of our products will have an NFC chip inside. All other NFC-equipped devices can also link to our products." In simple terms, the NFC technology will enable NFC-equipped devices to pair with different NFC-enabled accessories and devices with just a single tap. This will facilitate fast device connections and will make sharing and pairing a lot easier.

The company’s very first NFC device, the Nokia 6131, which was launched in 2006 did not receive much attention. Next came the Nokia C7, but it didn't have NFC activated out of the box. The latest Symbian Anna update made it possible for C7 to facilitate sharing via NFC. The upcoming Belle update is expected to take this functionality a step further with one tap sharing and pairing. Nokia 600, 700 and 701 are amongst the first devices to get this feature right out of the box as the Belle update is expected to come pre-installed in them. According to Mark Selby, the Vice President for Multimedia, Nokia has plans to furnish their upcoming Windows Phone 7 handsets with the NFC technology. Nokia recently showcased its latest Bluetooth headset with NFC receiver showing one tap pairing.

LG To Unveil 3D Game Converter.

LG will soon demonstrate the world's first OpenGL-based 2D to 3D game conversion engine for the smartphone platform. The move is expected to increase the quantity of 3D content for handheld devices.

The converter will enable small and medium-sized game developers to offer 3D versions of their existing 2D games without major investment and hassle. Moreover, smartphone users will also be able to convert their 2D games into 3D free of charge.

Dr. Henry Nho, company's 3D Technology Evangelist explains: Using the existing depth information, the 3D Game Converter generates two different images - one for the foreground and one for the background. It then uses a thin film called Parallax Barrier on the display to show the left image to the left eye and the right image to the right eye, creating an illusion of visual depth.

The 3D Game Converter is expected to be unveiled at IFA 2011, and the application will be included in the first Maintenance Release (MR) of the Optimus 3D starting this October.

Three Bada 2.0-equipped Samsung phones launched.

Samsung has enhanced its handset offering with the launch of the Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y. The phones are said to be running on the latest Bada 2.0 OS. Amongst the three, Wave 3 owns the title of the company’s next flagship model, while Wave M is being touted as a social phone and Wave Y will be an entry-level phone. Along with the NFC functionality, which is being spoken about quite frequently now, the company’s very own services like ChatON, Media Hub and Kies will be featured on the phones. The detailed specs of all the three phones are as follows -

Samsung Wave 3 specifications:-

1.> 4-inch Super AMOLED screen with WVGA resolution
2.> Latest TouchWiz UI
3.> 1.4GHz CPU
4.> HSDPA 14.4 network connectivity with quad-band GPRS/EDGE
5.> 5MP auto focus camera with LED flash
6.> HD video recording (720p@30fps), while a VGA front camera for video calls
7.> 3GB of built in memory and support for microSD memory card (up to 32GB)
8.> Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and USB 2.0
8.> Accelerometer, proximity, and light sensors
9.> 1500 mAh battery
10.> Brushed aluminum body
11.> Device weighs 122 grams

Samsung Wave M specifications:-

1.> 3.65-inch TFT LCD screen with HVGA resolution
2.> 832 MHz CPU
3.> HSDPA 7.2 network connectivity with quad-band GPRS/EDGE
4.> 5MP AF camera
5.> HVGA video recording @30fps
6.> VGA front facing camera
7.> 150MB of built-in memory and support for microSD card (up to 32GB)
8.> Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and USB 2.0
9.> Accelerometer and proximity sensor
10.> 1350 mAh battery
11.> Metallic body
12.> Device weighs 121 grams

Samsung Wave Y specifications:-

1.> 3.2-inch TFT LCD screen with HVGA resolution
2.> 832 MHz CPU
3.> HSDPA 7.2 network connectivity with quad-band GPRS/EDGE
4.> 2MP fixed focus camera
5.> HVGA video recording @30fps
6.> 150 MB of built-in memory and microSD card support (up to 32GB)
7.> Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and USB 2.0
8.> 1200 mAh battery
9.> Metallic body
10.> Device weighs 102.4 grams

We can expect the pricing and availability to be revealed by Samsung when these show up at IFA 2011, which will commence from 2nd September.

"Dish TV" first in india will provide - DTH portability with 'Dish Freedom'

Dish TV has launched a new device called the ‘Dish Freedom’. The conditional access module (CAM) device is targeted at those users who want to switch over from their existing DTH operator to Dish TV, without changing their set-top boxes. According to the company, the installation process is very easy. The users are just required to plug in the device in the CI slot of the set-top box and they will immediately have access to all the Dish TV channels. But for this, a BIS compliant set-top box is required. The device is said to work with all kinds of DTH platforms right from MPEG2 to MPEG4.

Jawahar Goel, Managing Director of Dish TV India, said, “TRAI mandates interoperability in the DTH licencing norms and it is obligatory for all operators to offer interoperable set top boxes. Being the trend setters in the industry, we are proud to launch the country’s first CAM device that will be a momentous landmark in the Indian DTH chapter.” The device is priced at Rs. 990, which includes annual subscription of Rs. 600 for Dish Freedom pack of 95 channels and services. Targeted at select consumers, we think there is very little chance for this product to boom in the initial stages, but at the given price all those users who are unsatisfied with their current DTH operators should definitely give it a try.

Google+ gets Translate service in Chrome

Often in Google+, users will share a link in a language other than English. To save you the trouble of opening a new tab or window to access a translation service like Google translate, Google's built Translate into the Chrome browser as an extension for Google+. You can see the Translate extension in the same line as the +1, Comment and Share icons. The Translate feature exists on every link or update that is shared, no matter which language the post is shared in or what your native language is. This however, could be resource friendly as it might take a lot of processing power to go through a page and detect a post in a foreign language.

When you click on Translate for any post, you get your translated text instantly, without a page reload. The extension sets translated text against a yellow background on the Google+ page. The colour that the extension shows up in can be switched to a colour other than yellow in the extension options. In the same screen of extension options, you can also choose to turn off the Translate service by unchecking the box that reads "Always Add to Google+". You can also choose which language you'd like to translate all your text to. Google+ users who use Chrome and want to download the Translate extension can do so from the Chrome web store from here.

Mercury launches new mTab tablet for Rs. 9,499 ( Updated News)

Computer peripheral manufacturers, Mercury have announced the launch of their new mTab tablet, which runs on Google’s Android 2.3 OS. After the launch of Beetel’s Magiq tablet, Lakshmi Access Communications’ Pepper tablet, and Reliance’s 3G tablet; it’s fair to say that the tablet market is getting extremely competitive.

Mercury’s mTab is powered by a 1.2 GHz 3-Core processor and 512 MB of RAM along with an in-built storage of 4GB (supports up to 16GB optional memory) and a microSD card slot support up to 32GB. It has a 7-inch WVGA TFT LCD touch display with a 1.3 megapixel front camera and a G sensor. The device weighs 400gms and no battery information has been provided so far, but the company claims that it supports continuous video playback for upto four hours. The mTab will also be 3G-enabled, which means, that while it doesn’t have inbuilt 3G, an external 3G USB dongle can be used to access the services.

The Mercury mTab is priced at Rs. 9,499. The specs seem impressive and at that price may just give the mTab an edge over its competitors. What do you think about the mTab? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update: More specs of Mercury mTab revealed

Update: Tech Support from Mercury has confirmed that the Mercury mTab will have a Telechip 8803 - Cortex A8, up to 1.2GHz three core processor with CPU, GPU and VPU. The 7-inch display has been confirmed to be a multi-touch capacitive touch screen. It will feature Wi-Fi, but there will be no SIM card slot. An external 3G dongle can be connected to access the net. Depending on the distributors, the model would be available in either 4GB or 16GB capacities. The mTab will not be equipped with a rear camera, which could be one of the reasons for the low price. As confirmed by their Tech Support, it will be a three core processor and not a tri core processor.

Monday 29 August 2011

Samsung to introduce mobile messaging service in October

Samsung Electronics is all set to enter the mobile instant messaging service competition, with the launch of ChatON. Beginning from October, ChatON will come pre-installed on Samsung's smartphones, as well as its other feature phones. Samsung's smartphone users who wish to use ChatON services should have smartphones featuring Samsung's own Bada OS or Google's Android software.

Samsung will eventually expand the reach of ChatON to almost all Android-based smartphones and tablets. Soon, it will also be available via download on BlackBerrys and iPhones. Using ChatON, users will not only be able to send text messages, but also send images, and hand-written notes, engage in group chats and share video clips amongst themselves.

With the launch of ChatON, Samsung will join the likes of BlackBerry and Apple in the race for mobile messaging services. BlackBerry with the BlackBerry Messenger managed to gather a fairly large fan base, and now Apple too with the impending launch of iMessage for its iPhone and iPad aims to deliver a success. With iMessage, users will be able to send free messages to other iPhone, iPad users.

Android lands on HP's TouchPad, guided by CyanogenMod

cyanogenMod is known best for tweaking and bringing latest Android builds to phones that don’t officially have it yet. They’ve taken the HP TouchPad, a WebOS-powered tablet and managed to get Android running on it. This bit comes after HP's recent announcement about the closure of their phones and tablet production. The newly-launched TouchPad was a victim of this move and it resulted in its price dropping all over the web. The cheapest model was available at just $99 and it’s been flying off the shelves everywhere. HP has maintained that it would continue to develop WebOS for other applications. The news of Android coming to the TouchPad should come as great news for those who bought the tablet.

The build runs Android 2.3.5 and is currently unstable as it’s in its early stages, but things are likely to improve soon. According to a post on RootzWiki, 2D hardware acceleration and touchscreen fixes are first in the list of priorities. The final aim is to create a multi-boot tablet that can boot into Android, WebOS and other operating systems.

We didn’t get the chance to see the TouchPad in India, but the general concensus on the web is that the tablet wasn’t really as impressive as expected. But at a price tag of just $99 (roughly Rs. 4,500), an Android capable tablet is undeniably tempting. Now, if only there were more TouchPads available.

Apple to launch an HDTV by the end of 2012?

Apple is better known globally for their signature iPhones, iPods, iPads and the likes. The company has also launched their Apple TV, which is basically a set top box that allows one to stream online content over the Internet. It seems that the Cupertino-based company is not looking to stop there and are said to release an HDTV running on iOS by late 2012.

According to a report by VentureBeat, multiple sources have informed them that this rumour in all likelihood could become a possibility. The report states that Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray has cited multiple sources claiming that unlike their Apple TV, a set top box, this would be an actual television. Another source, Stewart Alsop has revealed to VentureBeat that have claimed that there is buzz around Silicon Valley that an Apple television project is underway. Alsop has also said that Apple is holding back its Apple televisions because the cost of LCD panels is steep. The report goes on to state that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs had dropped the biggest indication of a television when he said that it made sense for Apple to integrate its technologies in television sets.

Alsop ends by saying, “You look at TVs in Best Buy and they’re the same damn things that they’ve been building for 30, 40, 50 years. Apple will do to television manufacturers what it did to phone makers with the iPhone.”

Let us know what you think about the possibility of Apple launching a television set in the comments below.

Sony Ericsson To Launch Xperia Ray, Xperia Active

Sony Ericsson will launch the Xperia Ray and Xperia Active models tomorrow in India. Both smartphones, which were announced at CommunicAsia 2011 in Singapore, come with the latest Android 2.3 operating system along with a 1 GHz processor.

The Xperia Active reportedly comes with 3 inch reality display - that is said to work even if the screen or your fingers are wet, a 5 megapixel camera with HD video capture and weighs about 110.8 grams. It comes with some handy tools for those folks who like to monitor their fitness levels - An on-screen heart rate and pulse real-time monitor that works via the built-in ANT+ wireless technology.

The Xperia Ray is said to come in a aluminium chassis that measures a thickness of 9.4 mm, and weighs 100 g. It features a 3.3 inch scratch resistant Reality Display screen that utilises the Mobile Bravia Engine. The Ray also has an 8.1 megapixel camera that makes use of Exmor R Sony camera sensor technology and other options like face detection and recording 720p HD video.

Sony Ericsson has not yet announced the pricing details of these two smartphones.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Identify Songs on Your Phone with Soundhound

There have been countless times I at a coffee shop when I’ve heard a song and wished there was not only an easy way to identify it, but also keep track of where I heard it and access other information about the song to share with friends. A new app for the iPhone and Android called Soundhound makes all this and more possible.

Many smartphone users are already familiar with Shazam, which “listens” to songs played and checks the audio against a database to identify the song. Soundhound goes a step further, and not only identifies the song but also provides lyrics, a direct link to download the track on iTunes, social sharing features to tell your friends and followers about the song, and a geolocation tag for future reference. If it turns out you already own the song on your iPod, you can tap to instantly play the track on your iPhone. You can also hum or “talk” a song yourself and use Soundhound to identify an unknown song stuck in your head.

While Soundhound is free with an option to upgrade and go ad-free, Shazam requires a subscription to access the music and related data it identifies in addition to paying for the app if you want to identify more than five songs per month. And one major bonus for Soundhound users in the US who also use Spotify is on the way; Soundhound has partnered with Spotify to allow Soundhound users to stream an identified song from the Spotify app. This feature is already available for Soundhound and Spotify Premium users in Europe.

Free, ad-supported version of Soundhound for iOS from here

$6.99, ad-free version of Soundhound for iOS from here

If you are an Android user, check out Soundhound for more information and to download the app.

Zerply is an Attractive Alternative to LinkedIn

A new startup is about to give LinkedIn and AOL/ a run for their money. Zerply is a new professional network that allows users to build an aesthetically pleasing yet informative resume with similar social functions as other networks like LinkedIn. Users can design a resume that is focused entirely on professional achievements, or highlight personal success. Many early adopters are using Zerply to detail the best of both aspects of their lives.

Zerply is free, easy to sign up for, and even easier to manage. You can choose a profile picture, connect services such as Facebook or Twitter, add a portfolio, your location, and a short bio. Zerply users can also add a “one-liner” to their bio to sum up their interests, qualifications, or personality. You can also add an extended bio to help others find out more about you, whether on a personal or professional level. Finally, Zerply features the ability to add tags and list skills on a profile to help users categorize interests, skillsets, or their career. Other Zerply users can then find your Zerply profile based on these tags.

While you may not need another social network, Zerply is a great solution for those looking to develop a more comprehensive personal profile with a focus on professional achievements than is capable with sites like and While there are some options for custom layouts, the Zerply profile is really about being a professional hub without the glitz of other splash sites, or without the cost and extra features of a blog. Zerply even features stats about your profile, such as profile visits and link clicks, all for free. Zerply could easily become a go-to site for the unemployed or looking, as it also features a social component that allows you to connect with other Facebook friends and Twitter users on Zerply and offer these users endorsements, which is a feature strikingly similar to LinkedIn. However, with more informative and custom profiles and intuitive search components, Zerply is anything but a copycat of other social services and professional networks.

Visit Zerply from here @

Saturday 27 August 2011

MinorMonitor: Protect Your Children By Monitoring Their Facebook Activity

While the Internet can be a fun place, it is also where children face threats like cyber-bullying. Here to help you protect your children from such threats is a tool that lets you monitor their social activity on Facebook. This tool is called MinorMonitor.

Minor Monitor is a free and simple to use web service that connects with your child’s Facebook account and displays the account details to you. These details include status updates, friend lists, photos, an activity graph, checked in places, and alerts. The site also automatically analyzes and identifies possible bullying, drug use, solicitation, and profanity. For parents of young children, Minor Monitor is an extremely important tool.


1.> Free Services
2.> No Software Required
3.> A user-friendly web service.
4.> Lets you monitor your child’s Facebook activity.
5.> Provides details such as status updates, friend lists, photos, checked in places, etc.
6.> Automatically analyzes and identifies possible bullying, drug use, solicitation, etc.

Check out Minor Monitor from here @

How to Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign?

Behind Google, one of the best resources for businesses looking to market a product, service, sale, or contest is with Facebook. Though Google is the most highly visited Website for search, Facebook accounts for the majority of time US Internet users spend on social sites as 73% of the total US Internet population each month visits Facebook. Businesses can harness the power of Facebook ads to reach this broad user base and advertise their services and products. Businesses should be aware of a few key components of developing a strategy for using Facebook ads. Here are five tips to help you run a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Be Prepared with a Budget.
Facebook ads are expensive, especially in comparison to placing ads on Google. setting a budget to spend on your ads, and set a cap for spending per day, rather than using a lifetime budget. This will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your ads on a daily basis and adjust the settings — which can impact the price of the ads — as you analyze results. It will also prevent Facebook from spending your entire budget for the campaign on the first day.

Target Multiple Groups.
If you are running a campaign targeted to a broad demographic, consider creating several ads that reach several sub-groups of your target audience. If you are running a contest that appeals to different lifestyles, consider different ads for each type of person. Narrowing the target by making several ads per campaign has helped her see more results.

Rotate Ads.
If you are running a popular ad, or have launched a campaign for a popular product, be sure to switch out the ads regularly so Facebook users don’t get “ad blindness,” . If you’re running a campaign for more than a few days, create two or three batches of ads and “pause” each group after a few days and launch the next batch. This process can be repeated, and will help prevent your audience from ignoring your campaign, especially over a long period of time.

Don’t Use Stock Images or Headlines.
Just like Facebook users are most likely to ignore an ad from your campaign if they have seen it before, they are also likely to ignore an ad if they have seen components of it before. using your own image and create an accurate but attractive headline to drive results.

Use Direct Marketing.
If you are using ads to drive traffic to a product, service, or as another type of call to action, consider choosing a URL as the destination to direct your target audience right where they need to take action. Since you can change this URL for each ad within a campaign, you can use a different URL for each segment of your audience you are targeting if the components of your campaign vary within your target.

Huawei launches world's first LTE TDD broadband router.

Popular mobile phone OEM, Huawei, have announced the world’s first LTE TDD wireless broadband router that will be available in October, this year, through Saudi Arabian operator, Mobily. The Huawei B593 supports FDD and TDD with speeds upto 100Mb/s. It can also support 32 Wi-Fi devices, as well as desktop PCs through wired connection. Mobily is currently the largest mobile broadband service provider in Saudi Arabia and a subsidiary of multinational UAE telecom operator Etisalat. The B5393 will allow Mobily to serve more customers, primarily in the scarcely-populated deserts in West-Asia, where fixed network infrastructure is not commercially feasible.

Aircel and Huawei have already successfully tested LTE TDD in India and there are plans to launch the service very soon. The B593 will subsequently make its way worldwide wherever LTE TDD networks have been commercially setup. This makes it an ideal candidate for a home entertainment setup as it provides simultaneous high speed Internet access, high-definition video downloads and real-time video viewing and transmission. This is also perfect for SOHOs and small businesses with its connectivity options to VOIP telephone and fax, printers and other office equipment.

With 3G data rates still on the pricey side, it will be some time till LTE actually makes a big impact in India, whenever it launches.

Samsung Launches Three Dual-SIM Phones.

Samsung has launched three dual-SIM handsets: Star II DUOS (C6712), Metro DUOS (C3322), and Metro C3752. These phones take the number of phones in Samsung's dual-SIM kitty to 14. The Samsung Star II DUOS (C6712) aims to deliver the quality and style associated with the STAR series with a 3.2" capacitive touchscreen using the Touchwiz 3.0 interface. It features widgets, expandable home screens, Quick Panel and QuickType, which is usually found in higher end smartphones of this series. Connectivity to social networks is available using Social Hub, which integrates social network and mail contacts with their current status on the phonebook. Internet connectivity is also available via Wi-Fi. This phone comes with a 3.2 MP camera, Bluetooth 3.0, and a SoundAlive feature to produce 3D effects in the audio. With 30 MB of internal storage, there is provision to add a memory card with up to 16 GB capacity. The 1200 mAh battery claims to provide a talk time of up to 10 hours, and a standby time of up to 550.

The second phone is the Metro DUOS, which comes in a candy-bar form factor with a classic metal design. Targeted at people who want a rich multimedia and internet device with social networking features, but don't want to spend much, this phone features a 2.2" screen, and weighs just 89 grams. It sports multimedia options such as MP3 player, FM radio, and a 2 MP camera. There are native clients to access FB and Twitter, and popular IMs such as Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, and FB Chat. In addition to Push Messaging support for Yahoo and MSN, it supports Push Mail through Activesync. The 1000 mAh battery claims to provide a talk time of up to 10 hours and a standby time of up to 660.

For those of you who want a little more than what that the C3322 has on offer, but in a smaller form factor, the Metro C3752 is an ideal candidate. This phone is a slider with a 2.4" screen and a 3 MP camera. It has all the features of the C3322 with support for additional 8 regional languages. With an in-built memory of 40 MB, it can accommodate a microSD card with a capacity of up to 16 GB.

All these phones support dual-SIM standby, which means that while one SIM is busy, the other cannot be dialed into or used in any way. Also, none of these phones support 3G, because the target audience is different. The Samsung Star II DUOS (C6712), Metro DUOS (C3322), and Metro C3752 are available at MRPs of Rs 6920, Rs 4240, and Rs 5270 respectively.

Friday 26 August 2011

Pixlr-o-matic: Quickly Edit & Add A Retro Look To Photos

Editing images and adding various effects can be fun, but most of the times wading through the myriad of options in the advanced image editing tools tends to kill that initial enthusiasm of spicing up the photos. Pixlr-o-matic knows this and therefore wants you to use their neat web app to add nice retro and vintage looks to your images in the easiest possible manner. Upload the images from your hard disk or webcam, select an effect, crop it if you want and download or save it online at, their free image storage service. The tools are beautiful and based on flash.

You may save the images any time during the process and don’t need to go through all the steps if you are already satisfied with the effect.


1.> No sign up needed.
2.> Add amazing retro looks to images easily and quickly.
3.> Upload photos from computer or webcam.

Check out Pixlr-o-matic @

LG Optimus One getting Gingerbread update in India.

LG has finally started rolling out Android 2.3 update for Optimus One in India. The roll-out seems to have started in other Asian countries as well. You can check now via the LG Software update tool to download the update.

Several our readers have reported that Gingerbread update arrived this morning.

This update will be offering the following improvements.

1.> Improved system performance
2.> Improved battery life
3.> Support for more Android apps
4.> Better user experience

Nokia'S affordable price PHONE 101 and 100 announced.

After the Symbian Belle update announcement, three phones running Symbian Belle were revealed and today we have the Nokia 101 and 100 being spoken about. Nokia 101 is a dual-SIM phone but lacks dual-standby support, which is the biggest flaw. The Nokia 100 is a single-SIM phone. Both phones run on the S30 operating system and are very affordably priced. Nokia 101 is expected to come with a price tag of 25 Euros (i.e. Rs.1,663 approx.) and that of Nokia 100 would be 20 Euros (i.e. Rs.1,330 approx). Nokia 101 is expected to arrive this quarter, while Nokia 100 is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. Detailed specifications of both the phones are listed below.

Nokia 101 specifications -

1.> A dual-SIM phone (900/1800MHz, no dual-standby)
2.> 1.8-inch display with 128x160 pixels
3.> microSD card slot (supports up to 16GB)
4.> MP3 player, 3.5mm audio jack
5.> FM radio and a powerful 103-phon loudspeaker
6.> Flashlight
7.> 800mAh battery (with 6 hours and 40 minutes of talk time, 25 days of standby and 26 hours of 8.> music at 50 percent loudness).
9.> Support for multiple phonebooks
10.> Nokia's Live Tools (for selected regions)

Nokia 100 specifications -

1.> A single-SIM phone
2.> 1.8-inch display with 128 x 160 pixels
3.> FM radio
4.> 7 hours of talk time and 35 days of standby
5.> Flashlight
6.> Available in wide variety of colors.
7.> Support for multiple phonebooks
8.> Nokia's Live Tools (for selected regions)

Google Docs for Android gets updated.

Few months back, Google had introduced Google Docs app for its Android users. The app allowed users to create documents and access them directly using the app on their smartphone, without having to depend on the mobile browser to do so. Team Google's now out with an update already.

According to a blogpost ( by Tobias Thierer, Software Engineer, Google, the update will enhance features on the web clipboard, as well as in the language support of the app. Users, starting from today will be able to click pictures on their smartphone, and insert the same into their word document using the web clipboard. All they have to do is tap the camera icon on the Docs widget loaded on their smartphone. Once there, all that the user needs to do is click the required image, and select 'send to web clipboard' and press 'OK'. To paste the image on the working document, click 'web clipboard' icon on the document, and paste the right image.

The new, updated Google Docs for Android application is being touted to have better open and send options. But, apparently, the best in the list is being saved for the last. Google Docs for Android, in its latest avatar would be accessible now in 46 languages i.e. 45 additions to the original single language support. All this in addition to creating, viewing and editing documents.

If you wish to try this app, you could do so by visiting the Android Market, here.

2011 line of Xperia smartphones to get Gingerbread update

Its party time for those who have purchased a Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphone this year, because they will get treat in the form of an Android Gingerbread update. The company announced new functionality and features to its 2011 Xperia smartphone range with a comprehensive software upgrade, which is said to rollout from October 2011.

The update will feature camera enhancements for the Xperia smartphones, which uses 3D sweep panorama technology. This is found in Sony’s line of cameras that allow images to be captured and then viewed in 3D by connecting the phone to a 3D TV using the HDMI output. Social networking is a major part of this Android 2.3.4 upgrade for Sony Ericsson Xperia, which features Google Talk with video chat for smartphones with front-facing cameras. These smartphones will get deeper Facebook integration enabling users to like, share and discover on Facebook in a faster, easier and more intuitive way. The new functionality aims to make entertainment more social by giving users the ability to share and discover apps and games with friends through Facebook.

With the latest upgrade, consumers would be able to turn their smartphone into a semi-mobile PC by connecting USB peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard or game controller to a Sony Ericsson LiveDock multimedia station. For more information on the update, hit the link here.

HP Touchpad running Android for sale on eBay.

HP’s Touchpad seems to be currently trending as the world’s most talked about gadget – with the Touchpad gold rush, to developers trying to run Android, to a bounty ($2000!) to port it to Android! Now, a few users have already got Android on their Touchpad and here’s how.

In what seems like quite a surprising case, one of the buyers of the HP Touchpad claimed that his model came bundled in with Google’s Android 2.2 OS. The only possible explanation could be that a developer version mistakenly got mixed with the sales pieces. For the convenience of other buyers, he’s uploaded the ROM dump online, put up a few videos on YouTube and has also put it on sale on eBay.

According to Engadget, the ROM dump has been made available on RootzWiki. To make it clear, ROM dumps will enable everyone owning an HP Touchpad to run the Android OS. The ROM can be downloaded from here. Also, the Touchpad running Android has already been put up for sale on eBay and its current bid is a whopping $860 – almost eight times the amount HP is selling it at. His video shows Android 2.2 currently running on the Touchpad. From what can be seen, it seems like a pretty stable version of the operating system. The full video can be viewed below.

Angry Birds-styled Anna Hazare game hits the web.

Anna Hazare is the latest storm to have taken over not only India, but the world too, for obvious reasons. With the influence of the protests, and the rampant corruption every aspect seems to have got the Anna hue. The latest to have caught the fad, is an Angry Birds-like modelled game, aptly titled Angry Anna.

As the name suggests, the protagonist, Anna Hazare is an angry Indian citizen fed-up with corruption eating into the nation's functioning. Alongwith him are his anti-corruption brigade. Their faces replace the 'birds' in the original game, whereas the 'pigs' in the game, obviously are the corrupt politicians. The game progresses with Anna and his brigade waiting in-line to try their aim at the corrupt politicians with their seasoned slingshots.The game primarily consists of four levels, and the anti-corruption leaders, or the 'birds'achieve promotion to the next level when they destroy the corrupt politicians posed to them at each level. The 'pigs', like in the original game are placed on structures of different kinds, and are located at different distances from the birds on the sling.

Developed by Noida-based technology start-up, Geek Mentors Studio, Angry Anna seems to have been launched with a purpose, that of supporting the swelling Anna movement in India against corruption. According to an afaqs! report, the gameplay, although still being improved upon to get rid of bugs has garnered popularity within just a day of the launch (August 24, 2011), and has hit 42,000 already. Team AnnaIf you wish to show your support to Anna's cause, albeit with this game, you could do so by visiting from here

Thursday 25 August 2011

Google has introduced a new verification badge program.

Google has introduced a new verification badge program that will give celebrities a way of proving that their profile is the real deal.

Profile verification is indicated via a simple checkmark that is placed beside a user’s name on their profile. This mark doesn’t appear elsewhere (such as comments) however, so you’ll have to check out the suspected imposter’s profile to see if they’re the real deal.

Although the program has been made public, the means through which Google is verifying accounts is still a mystery, as there is currently no way for users to submit themselves for verification. According to the official announcement, this is “just the beginning.” My guess is that Google wants to handle big-name celebrities before opening up the waters for smaller fish.

As one might expect, this verification system will also mean an end to imposter accounts. Google+ policy requires that every user sign up under his or her true identity, which means there can only be one George Timothy Clooney. Anyone else claiming to be him will have their account terminated. So, if you’ve been getting your kicks by impersonating someone famous, don’t be surprised if Google shows up at your door with an axe – or at least sends you a nasty email.

LG launches Optimus 3D in India for INR 37K

LG has officially launched Optimus 3D in the Indian market today for INR 37,000.

I am not sure what was LG thinking before pricing it so high, there might be some 3D fans in India, but will they be ready to pay 37K for a smartphone?

Anyways, LG Optimus 3D is the first glasses free 3D smartphone to land in India, but we expect HTC to follow suit with its Evo 3D. Optimus 3D features 1GHz Dual core processor, Android 2.2, 8GB internal storage, 4.3 inch display, dual 5MP camera for 3D recording, which can be shared via DLNA on compatible devices.

It will be available in the Indian market starting next month.

“The LG Optimus 3D is super-smartphone which gives our consumer the pleasure of 3D without the special glasses. Its exceptional features combined with super computing capabilities will add a new dimension to the smartphone experience. The smart consumers will now have the power to create, view & share real-life 3D content and the power to explore the world of unlimited possibilities.”

Sony India confirms tablet launch, probably next month.

Remember, we reported a while back that Sony is likely to launch its S1 and S2 tablets in Indian market next month. Well, Sony India Managing Director Masaru Tamagawa has confirmed the launch, but did not give any other details.

“We are launching Sony tablets in India this year. It will happen simultaneously with the global launch,” Tamagawa told media at a TV launch event in Delhi. Well, global launch is expected next month, so get ready to see the tablets in India pretty soon.

Rumors have suggested that both the tablets will be priced starting INR 29,000. In other news, Sony S1 might be renamed to Tablet S at the time of launch.

Motorola Fire XT316 available in India for INR 9K.

Waiting for an Android QWERTY, look what just landed in India. The recently announced Motorola Fire is now available at a price of INR 8,999 in the country. Although Motorola is yet to official launch the smartphone, online retail stores like Flipkart & Letsbuy are already selling it.

We are hoping to see an official release very soon. Coming back to the smartphone, Motorola Fire comes with Android 2.3, 600 MHz processor and 2.8 inch display with portrait keyboard.

Motorola Fire features:

1.> Dual-band HSDPA/Quad-band EDGE
2.> 2.8? QVGA touchscreen display
3.> 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM
4.> Full QWERTY keyboard
5.> 3MP camera
6.> Moto Switch UI
7.> MicroSD card slot up to 32GB
8.> FM Radio with RDS support
9.> Wi-Fi b/g/n
10.> E-compass, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer
11.> 3.5mm audio jack
12.> 1420mAh battery; eight hours of talk time or 30 days of standby in 3G mode

You can buy it from Flipkart or from Letsbuy

Microsoft's working on Windows Phone 'Tango' for budget phones

With only a few days to go before WP7 Mango is officially unveiled, rumours are about Microsoft being hard at work on a ‘stripped down’ version of the OS, code named ‘Tango’. I was expecting another fruit, but I guess something that rhymes works just as well. The OS will be used for lower-end handsets with slower hardware, targeted specifically at developing markets. With the current line-up of WP7 devices being quite expensive due to strict restrictions from Microsoft, it’s about time they released something cheaper for the masses to expand their market share. Google had the foresight when it launched Android, which is why you’ll see an Android handset in almost all price brackets. Microsoft better hurry if they wish to make an impact on the consumer.

These rumours started from a Hong Kong-based website ‘We Love Windows Phone’, which described Tango being designed for low-cost hardware. Apparently, all this information was further confirmed at a Microsoft seminar in Hong Kong. Another rumour going around is that the software giant is also working on the next major update to Mango, code named ‘Apollo’. Microsoft needs this break, if it wants to tap into Google’s market share.

RIMs QNX OS for BlackBerry devices to get Android compatibility.

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) is expected to bring Android compatibility to its QNX platform next year, said some insiders of the company to Bloomberg. Android with its huge application availability in the Android Market (almost six times the apps that are available in RIM’s App World) should help RIM to widen its device appeal by extending Android apps to its existing number of apps.

According to a quote on Bloomberg from Steve Li, an analyst in Toronto, “Being able to run Android apps, that’s a big plus. If you get the tonnage of Android apps and the top 50 apps through BlackBerry’s App World, that addresses many of the concerns people have about RIM’s ecosystem.”. RIM has gone through many ups and downs during a year’s time. Its share in the smartphone market fell from 19 percent to 12 percent. In comparision to this, Apple’s market share jumped from 14 percent to 18 percent and that of Android rose to 43 percent. RIM is also expected to introduce a handful of QNX-based BlackBerry devices in early 2012. Let’s hope this move proves fruitful to RIM with respect to sales and bring back those early days for the company.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Samsung Unveils Latest Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung has announced four new Galaxy smartphones, namely the Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y Pro and Galaxy Y models. The public will get to see the new product line at a global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, IFA 2011, in Berlin, Germany in early September.

An executive from Samsung Electronics' mobile division was quoted in a press release as saying, "Samsung seeks to expand market share in the emerging market with models costing around $200 (~ Rs. 9140), as those markets have lower smartphone penetration rates compared with advanced markets."

The configuration of these models is as follows:

Samsung Galaxy W - a mid-to-high tier smartphone featuring Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1.4GHz processor, 3.7-inch display, and 5MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy M Pro - a mid-tier smartphone measuring 9.97mm, it will feature a QWERTY keyboard, 2.66-inch display, Android 2.3, 1GHz processor, 5MP rear-facing camera, front-facing VGA camera, and provide support for apps like Cisco’s Mobile, WebEx and Sybase Afaria.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro - a mid-tier smartphone featuring a QWERTY keyboard, 2.6 inch display, Android 2.3, and 2MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy Y: an entry-level smartphone that will have Android 2.3 and feature an 832MHz processor, 3-inch display, 2MP camera, and will be available in a variety of colours.

Budget 8GB iPhone 4 set to launch for emerging markets

Rumours have been circulating that Apple will be launching a budget iPhone, which is targeted at emerging markets. It is speculated that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone 4 within weeks, thereby jeopardizing profit margins to win lower-end customers from rivals such as Nokia. Asian suppliers have begun manufacturing a lower cost variant of the hugely popular smartphone with a smaller 8GB flash drive that will arrive around the same time the Cupertino-based company unveils its much anticipated iPhone 5.

Apple has stuck to higher end handsets, since they first launched the iPhone in 2007 and are now seeking out new markets to sustain their fast pace of growth that has gripped Wall Street. Apple are in talks with Chinese carriers China Mobile Ltd. and China Telecom Corp. Ltd who are both eager to carry the iPhone. Speaking about the budget iPhone 4, Channing Smith, Co-Manager of the Capital Advisors Growth Fund, which owns Apple shares said, “A lower-priced version of iPhone 4 seems to be a necessary evil at this point in the iPhone adoption cycle, especially in emerging markets where the average income of individuals is much lower.”

Analysts have stated that a cheaper phone risks cannibalizing Apple's premium iPhone model and pressuring margins. But, the California company needs one to expand its emerging market share. Apple who have always maintained high levels of secrecy regarding their products have declined to comment on the 8GB version of the smartphone. However, it is said that the flash drive for the 8GB iPhone 4 is being manufactured by a South Korean company. Apple currently sources its flash drives from Japan’s Toshiba Corp and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Ltd. Samsung too, have not commented on the matter.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Camera update for Nokia N8 brings improved UI and video recording

After the Anna Update, now a camera update for the Nokia N8, this will definitely bring some smiles to Nokia fans . Nokia’s Symbian UI is considered sluggish and outdated by many when it's compared to other mobile OS', but with thiseffort, Nokia is trying to fight back hard and are showing definite signs of improvement. They might not be at the same level as they once were but they're certainly not willing to go down without a fight.

The update will be pretty major and it fetaures a refreshed camera UI and upgraded video recording quality. As per Nokia Beta Labs, the update with the tweaked camera Interface will provide faster access to essential camera controls. The most noticeable feature to this update is that it brings tremendous improvement in the quality of the videos while recording by boosting the frame rate to 30fps. The update also brings the much awaited Continuous Auto-Focus (CAF) while recording videos.

So far this is just the beta stage and improvements will be added later on. Users who want to give it a try can do so by visiting to the Nokia Beta Labs website ( and complete the registration process. Make sure your N8 is running on the latest Symbian Anna update.

Now Google+ updates show up in Gmail

Google’s habit of slowly evolving a product through its phases will effect Google+, as well. The adoption of Google+ was quick and as people continue to move to the newly launched social networking site, Google has been busy at work adding features to Google+, along with integrating the social networking site into other services. In this case, Gmail will start showing Google+ posts by the contacts in the right pane. The right pane is usually reserved for related advertisements, as well as recent events and mails from the recipient of the mails. The widget is currently being rolled across Gmail accounts around the world, so it might be a day or two before you see it in your Gmail account.

Other examples of this integration of services can be seen in YouTube. YouTube’s new Google Plus Hangout feature, which we talked about yesterday allows several users to watch the same YouTube video in real-time. There are also other features that are being added. Google started adding verified accounts to its database, much like Twitter’s verified account system for celebrities and well known figures.

LG announced New LG Optimus SOL

LG has added the Optimus Sol to its lineup of smartphones. The USP of this device is its Ultra AMOLED display, which reportedly offers better clarity even under direct sunlight.

The Sol runs on a 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon CPU, coupled with 512 MB RAM. This 9.8 mm thin phone sports a 3.8" touchscreen. Other specs include a 5 MP rear and front-facing VGA camera, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, and a 1500 mAh battery. LG also claims that its new power management system gives it a 20% - 30% boost in battery life. Let's hope that the company has really worked in this area, since the Optimus 2X's battery life was a disaster.

The LG Optimus Sol will be available in black, titan, and white. It is expected to hit European markets starting mid-September, followed by Central and South America. No news on the Indian arrival as yet.

Philips LCD-LED Offer for Onam

Onam celebrations are going to begin for 10 days from 9 September, 2011, and Philips has a few offers to make the celebrations sweeter. Philips LED-Series 4000, 5000, and 6000 will be offered at special festive prices along with a 3-year warranty on all Philips LED and LCD TVs.

Philips will offer a 24" LCD and a 24" LED monitor free with the purchase of every 46" and 55" LED TVs. All LED and LCD TVs also will be offered with a free 3D HD DTH connection worth Rs 1700. The Philips 32" HD LED TV with the above offer will be available for just Rs 28,990 with a small down payment of just Rs 2500 with 12 EMIs of Rs 1250. To make things easier for the consumers, a 0% finance option has been made available along with the benefit of interest-free EMIs.

TouchDroid will port Android onto your HP TouchPad.

Lucky enough to snatch one of those $99 HP TouchPads? There’s better news for you. TouchDroid is planning to turn the HP TouchPad into an Android tablet.

Hewlett-Packard recently announced the drop in the prices of their latest WebOS device – the HP TouchPad and the new $99 price seems to have gone viral, worldwide. The tablet, sporting a 9.7-inch display, dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor and 16/32 GB of inbuilt memory is definitely a steal for that price. The only reservations people seemed to have so far, that prevented them from buying the product, was the OS. HP hasn’t clearly mentioned what they are intending to do with the WebOS, but the OS’s future definitely looks bleak as compared to the frontrunners, Google and Apple. However, three developers keen on making the most of this brilliantly priced tablet along with a few supporters have launched the TouchDroid project that will ensure that Google’s Android operating system for tablets will work on the HP TouchPad.

HP hasn’t disclosed if they are planning to launch the $99 tablet in India, anytime soon, but if this happens they will definitely have an upper hand against the competition. Have any of you’ll managed to grab the HP TouchPad for that price? Let us know in the comments section below.

Monday 22 August 2011

Sandglaz: Create To-Do Lists The Way You Want To

Numerous web apps let you manage tasks by creating to-do lists. But these apps either do not let you add any detailed information with your tasks or require you to fill out details of every task. Here to give you the option to fill in those details or leave them empty is a web app called Sandglaz.

Sandglaz is a free to use web tool for creating to-do lists and sharing them. The first noteworthy feature of Sandglaz is that the tasks you type in your lists can include details other than a title. These details include a description and a due date. By default, your to-do lists have four sections divided according to importance and urgency. You can rename sections any time and can drag tasks from one section to another.

Sharing to-do’s is quite simple. You invite friends to view your lists via email. Whether your friends are able to only read your lists or modify them is up to you.


1.> A user-friendly web service.
2.> Lets you create to-do lists.
3.> Divides tasks into different sections.
4.> Tasks can be dragged between sections for better organization.
5.> You can add descriptions and due dates with each task.
6.> Task lists can be shared with friends.

Visit zandglaz from here @

Sunday 21 August 2011

Five Things to Look for in an HDTV.

You’re considering buying a new television, and you have no idea what exactly to look for? Well, you’re not alone. While just about any TV looks great in the store, whether or not it fits perfectly with your home theater and/or living room environment is another story. How do you know what to look for? What are some of the important features to think about when choosing a new HDTV?

The features listed below assume that you’ve already chosen which screen technology you prefer. LED-LCD, traditional LCD, plasma, projection, DLP, or laser — these technologies each have their own pros and cons that need to be weighed prior to heading out and deciding exactly which set you should choose within that criteria. Once you’ve decided on a base technology, here are five things to look for in an HDTV:

Screen Size

The size of your screen is an important part of your overall buying decision. Buying a screen that’s too large for your living room can cause issues with how you perceive the images, and result in eye strain and a perceived image distortion as you look away form the center of the screen. Buying a screen too small can also strain the eyes as you attempt to focus on small objects within the image. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to move your seating closer to the television to really see the image the way it is meant to be viewed.


While it might seem like you only need a couple HDMI and component connections on the back of your set, you may want to keep in mind the possibility of an increasing number of components in your home over the next few years. Game consoles, sound equipment, settop boxes, and other devices may enter your life and need space on the back of your television. You may also want to take into account the position of these ports, as some televisions offer ports on the side, back, and front so they’re available wherever you may need them to be. Watching video from a portable device is easier when you plug in from the front of the television, while ports at the back make unsightly cables easier to hide.

Sound Options

While it may appear that just about every television out there is equipped with a set of boring stereo speakers and nothing more, many of them are actually built with pretty substantial technology that can enhance the listener’s ability to pick out various sounds. Technologies like SRS Wow can really enhance your overall experience, but take time to see if these technologies actually work for you. Not everyone can benefit from SRS Wow, or other virtual surround sound technologies.

Other Options

Some televisions come with the kind of technology cable companies use to link to their digital services built-in, saving you the hassle of having to keep a bulky cable box around. Some HDTVs even include network capability and built-in apps that allow you to stream content from services like Netflix and Hulu, making the TV itself act like its own settop box, in a sense.

Picture Quality

While audio can be routed to different devices, connections can be split, and online services can be accessed through settop boxes, no quality of a television matters more than its picture quality. If you pick up a set that looks decent enough in a store, you might be surprised to discover that it doesn’t look so great at home. Do your research before dropping hundreds of Rupees on a set. Find out how many options are available to fine tune the image to fit your living room’s lighting conditions and color preferences. Does the HDTV have a glossy screen, or a matte finish? Do you have a fair amount of back lighting in your living room that might produce a glare?

When it comes to deciding which HDTV suits your needs best, your decision should ultimately come down to what you feel most comfortable with. If a set appears like something you would need to get used to in the store, you’ll probably have even bigger issues with it when you get home.

Help Your Staff Manage Stress

Even at the best of times, life can definitely be stressful, and today’s turbulent economy and sometimes bleak business environment only add to the stress. If you’re in a managerial position at your job, part of your role is to help your staff get through times of stress, whether they are experiencing stress at home, overwhelmed with their workload, or concerned about their job. No one likes to feel like they’re facing their problems alone, so being supportive and doing all that you can do to help your coworker (who may also be a friend) overcome their obstacles and bear their burdens can make a world of positive difference.

So how can you, as a manager, make it easier for your staff to weather the storm? Here are a few suggestions for helping your staff deal with stress.

Offer a new perspective. Try to help them see their situation in a positive light. This is best achieved by asking them how they could view or approach the situation differently.
Meet with your staff often during stressful times. Many people just appreciate the opportunity to talk about a stressful situation.

In cases where the stress is work related, provide them with some reassurance. For example, if they are stressed about their workload, provide some reassurance that the situation is only temporary. Help staff keep the bigger picture in view. Help them see what’s important in a larger context.

Provide staff with the facts about work situations that may be causing stress. When people lack awareness, they tend to speculate which only increases stress levels. Provide staff with enough information to alleviate their stress.Maintain a sense of humor. You can always find a light side in even the most difficult situations.Keep your staff in-the-know during stressful times. Knowing what to expect in the short term goes a long way in alleviating people’s anxiety and stress.

Site To Phone Lets You Easily Send Links & Text To Your Smartphone.

I spend a large chunk of my life in front of my computer. For those rare times I need to leave my chair and actually go do something in the real world, I sometimes want to take a chunk of the Web with me. Perhaps it’s a link to a Google Map helping me get to where I want to go , or a bit of text about the place.

Google already offers something called Chrome to Phone, but it’s very limited. It works only with Chrome, and only with Android devices. Site to Phone, despite the similar moniker, actually supports all major browsers (not just Chrome) and all major phone OS’s (not just Android).

Upon arriving at the website, you’re presented with a huge button that simply cannot be missed:

Tapping the button generates an ID, and invites you to browse to it from the phone. This is something you’ll have to do manually. Grab your phone and tap out the address as it appears on the screen. Let’s do that right now.

Rather than get an APK file or a Market link with a purpose-build Android app, we’re presented with a simple list of instructions using what the phone already offers. In other words, this is just a glorified bookmark. Some people may think it’s a bit low-tech, but personally, I like the idea of making my phone do more without actually installing new apps.

Tapping the button indeed brought me back to the page, where I clicked the “Complete Setup” button. Instantly, the window changes – I’m in:

That’s it! I can now paste anything in that box, hit Send to phone, and it will show up on the smartphone version of the website. Sure, the downside is that I won’t get push notifications and links won’t automatically open, but it took mere seconds, was free, and did not require any software installation. Also, note the huge range of mobile OS’s and browsers supported: Since Site to Phone is implemented in such a simple way, it can easily support just about anything that has Web access.

Back on the desktop side of things, you may not want to go to the Site to Phone website everytime you want to send over a quick snippet of text to your phone. So now would be a good time to look at the browser tools Site to Phone offers:

So there’s a bookmarklet (for anything and everything), an IE Accelerator and a Chrome extension. Let’s try the Chrome extension. We get a toolbar button, and clicking it instantly sends the current page to the phone:
Tapping the link on my phone’s home screen launches me instantly onto the site I sent to the phone:

Now, when you tap the shortcut icon on the phone home screen, you’re taken to the Site to Phone page even if you’ve just sent a link to the phone.

The Chrome add-on also lets you send text to your phone effortlessly. Simply select any chunk of text in Chrome and right-click it:

Tapping “Send text to phone” just works; you don’t get a notification or any other bells and whistles, but when you go to the website on your phone, you’re going to find that text waiting for you right there.

Bottom Line

Site to Phone gets a thumbs-up from me. I love the minimalistic way this solution uses existing, simple and widely supported Web technologies, and the huge amount of devices and browsers it supports. If you’re looking for a low-fat way to get links and text to your phone, look no further.

Visit Sitetophoe from here @

Saturday 20 August 2011

New Android tablets launches Starting from $99.

A small private company has announced the launch of a new Android-based tablet for India and it is priced at a mere $99. Well, the pricing does seem quite shocking, but the company, Lakshmi Access Communication Systems (LACS) are planning to bring in not just one, but a few low-cost versions of tablets, which they claim will rival Apple’s iPad 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The $99 base model tablet, named Magnum Pepper Tablet PC, works on Google’s Android 2.2 OS and comes with an 800 MHz processor and 256MB RAM. It has a 7-inch LCD sensitive touch display, but the display type hasn’t been divulged. Whether it’s capacitive or resistive might make a big impact in the tablet’s sales. We’re pinning our hopes on a capacitive touch screen. However, it’s more likely to be a resistive one. Furthermore, the base model will have Wi-Fi, RJ45 LAN port, USB 2.0, MicroSD card support up to 32GB, 3G compatible dongle, 3.5mm jack, G-sensors, front camera and built-in 2GB of memory. With all these features and at that price this tablet is definitely a steal!

The price is definitely impressive and may directly compete with the Reliance 3G tablet and Beetel Teletech’s Magiq tablet. However, it’s the specs and the performance that will eventually decide the fate of the tablet. But, it seems that local competition has increased and that is nothing but good news for consumers.

Google introduces Magnifier, music discovery service for Music Beta.

Google’s Music Beta which launched three months back is still tied to the US only and today, Google has dropped another service called Magnifier which works in tandem with Music Beta, allowing you to discover new music and add many free songs to your Music Beta collection. This new site gives registered users access to new songs, videos of live performances and even gives you free songs of the featured artist of that particular day. Just like Music Beta, this service is only available to people in the US for now.

If you already have Music Beta installed on your Android phone, then simply head over to ‘Magnifier’ and hit ‘Add free music’. The new service also has a ‘Song of the day’ section which lets you add a different song every day to your collection. Magnifier also picks an artist of the week which is featured in the section ‘Antenna’. Every week, a new artist is chosen and you get to download one song for free and add it to your library. Google’s Music Beta service was launched as a competitor to Amazon’s Cloud Player service. Music Beta lets you upload up to 20,000 songs and listen to them on any computer or Android phone.