Monday 8 October 2012

Apple may launch updated version of iPad 3

It is rumoured that Apple is about to launch a smaller-sized iPad commonly referred to as the iPad mini. Apart from this 7.85-inch tablet, it is believed that Apple will introduce an upgraded iPad -- iPad 3 -- with Retina Display, and will launch it in the near future. A report by MacRumors states that a developer has contacted it revealing that an iPad 3 has been noticed in his app analytics, thereby adding fuel to the rumours that an updated iPad is the works.

As per the MacRumors report, “MacRumors has received word from a developer who has seen evidence of a previously unknown "iPad3,6" device showing up in his app analytics. Most interestingly, the device's processor targets the new ARMv7s architecture that supports the custom A6 system-on-a-chip found in the iPhone 5. This new iPad thus appears to be running either an A6 chip itself or a variation on Apple's custom A6 design.”

The report reveals that Apple may be planning to release an update to the iPad in the coming weeks to fit it with the recently introduced Lightning connector as well as other internal changes. He states that it is unlikely that Apple may introduce the new A6 chip with the iPad, However, he also speculates, “Alternatively, this new iPad3,6 could represent Apple's 2013 iPad model, which is expected to run some flavor of the A6 chip. We would, however, have expected that device to carry an "iPad4,x" designation.”

In a related report by iMore, “Because the iPad 3 was only launched in March, my guess remains that Apple won't make a big deal out of it so as not to cause any negative push-back from original iPad 3 customers. If anything, it'll simply be announced as the same iPad with the updated connector, for anyone who wants such a thing. Apple has performed minor internal updates on devices before, and even released an original iPhone with a higher storage option mid-cycle in 2008.” iMore also reports that its sources have informed it that the upcoming, revised iPad is ready to go.

This means that it may be only a matter of time before Apple issues an update to the iPad, and there is a chance that the update could be shown at the iPad mini event. Apple is expected to send invites to media houses on October 10.

Apple has been losing its market share in the tablet segment to the likes of Amazon with its Kindle Fire, and Google with its Nexus 7 tablet. For Apple to stay in the run, and cater to a customer base that would want a smaller tablet, Apple would have to launch a 7-inch tablet to cement its throne as the leading tablet manufacturer. The Google Nexus 7 tablet is faring exceedingly well in the market and rumours suggest that a 3G version of the tablet may also be in the works. Apple would need to step into this segment to battle the increasing competition from other manufacturers.

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