Sunday 14 October 2012

Touch Image Manipulator: Expertly Edit Images With Photoshop Brush Packs (iOS App)

Although there are a lot of image editing applications for smartphones, most of them only offer basic edits such as cropping images and rotating them. But here to offer you an advanced set of image editing features is a phone app called Touch Image Manipulator.

Touch Image Manipulator is a free to use smartphone application compatible with iOS devices. The app is sized at nearly 4 MB and is compatible with iPad devices running version 5.0 or later of iOS. The app is basically an image editing tool which also offers painting and drawing features. The most prominent feature of the app is that it lets you import your Adobe Photoshop brush packs. The app offers various selection tools, painting tools, brushes, gradient tools, and a color picker tool. Layers in the app can be reordered and configured. Various filters and high quality images are also supported. Your drawings made in the application can be exported to your camera roll.


  • A user-friendly iOS application.
  • Compatible with the iPad.
  • Lets you edit images, paint, and draw.
  • Can export images to camera roll.
  • Similar tools: iRetouch and Jittergram.

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