Saturday 13 October 2012

Dolphin 9.0 gets HTML5 boost with Jetpack add-on

Dolphin mobile web browser gets a new Jetpack add-on to boost HTML5 performance and also brings network diagnostic tool.

Dolphin mobile web browser has received a significant update add-on, dubbed as Jetpack, which boosts the web experience. The new Dolphin 9.0 mobile web browser for the Android devices brings network diagnostics tool, better camera support and finally the Jetpack add-on. The Dolphin Jetpack add-on needs to be installed separately.

Dolphin offers a third party mobile web browser for the Android based phones and tablets. The new Jetpack add-on is claimed to boost the performance with the web pages developed with HTML5 web standards. So all HTML5 web sites will perform better and lag free with the Jetpack add-on installed.

The Dolphin 9.0 also adds a new 'Network Diagnostics' tool that will aid in solving network connection issues and also offer shortcut to the network. The new Night Mode dims the display to lower brightness level while browsing at night.

The update also brings an option to make a custom setting to sync data only when connected over WiFi network. The mobile web browser now offers better support for the camera with the mobile web apps.

The latest Dolphin 9.0 mobile browser is available from the Google Play store but you will have to separately download the Dolphin Jetpack add-on from the Play store.

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