Tuesday 9 October 2012

Tablet war: Micromax, not Samsung, is the Apple of consumers' eyes

New entrants give tough competition to established brands as they bring in more lucrative offerings to woo the youth.

When it comes to mobile computing, tablets are the current fad. In the quarter ended June 30 this year, almost 0.55 million tablets were sold across various sates in India.

While the growth story about tablets looks exciting enough, Cyber Media research has made an exciting revelation that the growth in the tablet market is because of the wide variety of products that have been made available for the masses at various price points.

As per the report, Indian mobile equipment brand Micromax has been able to defeat both Samsung and Apple by a hefty margin in terms of number of devices sold in the last quarter. The report says that 18.4 per cent of the 0.55 million devices that were sold in the quarter were from Micromax and the convenient pricing of the Micromax Funbook has been one of the key differentiating factors for this. While Samsung till about a year ago was on top of the game because of the number of tablets it offers, Micromax changed the game completely with just one tablet by pricing it very lucratively at Rs 6,500.

As many as 90 different vendors launched tablets during this quarter and together they amounted to about 47.4 per cent of total sales in the said quarter.

The utility and functionality offered by tablets is one of the major reasons for the high sales of these devices, and the 7 inch display has been the most preferred as most products were offered in this size, said the report.

The growth in the sales of tablet devices has been by more than 600 per cent and the slope is going to go up in the coming days. The Indian market is very sensitive to price and most sales have been in the budget or mid range category only.

Although tablets are liked by users from all walks of life but the maker's inclination towards the launch of education and entertainment related devices has resulted in an immense interest from the younger generation. In the coming times, we think, users can expect more such products from tablet manufacturers.

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