Friday 19 October 2012

Swype gets split keyboard, dictionary sync

The Swype keypad for Android smartphones is now even better with support for tablets for easy typing and dictionary support.

Nuance Communications, the maker of the Swype beta keypad for Android devices, has announced a brand new update for its keypad application.

The update brings a new Dictionary Sync function for Swype. So users can now sync their personal dictionaries across multiple devices, eliminating the need to re-enter words or names into each device.

But that's not all; the company has also added 'hot words', which adds globally trending words automatically to the user's Swype dictionary.

The updated Swype Beta keypad now also comes with a smaller, more convenient split keyboard for tablet users; something like the Swift X keyboard. For customisation, the company is now allowing users to choose from ten unique keyboard themes.

The Swype keypad utilises unique adaptive capabilities to understand users' preferences and typing patterns over time. This allows the application to become smarter and more personalised every time it is used. It learns from users every time they type or swipe their fingers to create words, and then suggests them in future as well. But the suggestions are not limited to words alone, as now it shows sentences as well.

Swype beta can be installed directly from the website, and is not available through the Google Play Android application store.

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