Friday 19 October 2012

Soon, buy Android apps from Google Play in Indian Rupees (INR)

Google has announced that it is introducing buyer’s currencies in India. All the paid apps sold in India will now carry prices in Indian Rupee (INR).

Developers have until October 25, to set their paid app prices in INR, after that Google will automatically assign INR prices for paid apps every month based on the listing prices.

What does this mean for normal Android users?

Until now, in the absence of buyer’s currencies for India, Android users in the country were charged in the app developers’ currency while making a purchase from Google Play. Google used to show app priced in INR to give an idea about how much they are going to be charged on their credit card, but the final purchase was in app devs’ currency only.

But, that is going to change from October 25, starting then, any purchase that you will be making from Google Play will charged in Indian rupees on your credit card. Not only this saves you from any foreign exchange conversion charges from your credit card provider and is also easier to keep track of.

This will also likely to result in Indian related app promotions as devs will now have opportunity to set prices specifically for India.

What does this mean for App developers?

App developers will now be allowed to set prices for the Indian market in INR in Google Play dev console. This gives you the opportunity to set prices according to the market and also saves from any currency value fluctuations as you will now have a fixed price set for the Indian market.

App developers have until October 25 to go to Google Play Developer Console and set prices for India, in case you are unable to do that, Google will automatically set the prices for you, based on the current listing price of your paid app and the prevailing exchange rate. These automated prices are changed every month to reflect the changed in currency conversion rate.

In Google words: Google Play will automatically assign per-currency prices for your products if you have not manually set them on the Developer Console. Once a month Google Play assigns a per-currency price based on the price of your app in US Dollars, converted to each target currency using the daily exchange rate of the date the conversion takes place. If you manually set your per-currency prices, Google Play will not override them.
All the payments to the app developer will however be made in one currency only, which is the currency of your Google Checkout account

We think the now that Google has enabled buyer’s currencies for India; it will also soon allow Indian app developers to sell paid apps in Google Play. We are waiting for that to happen and will let you know as and when it happens.

Along with India, Google has also enabled buyer’s currencies in Russia. So the same thing applies to Russian users as well.

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