Wednesday 10 October 2012

SteelSeries free mobile wireless controller in India soon

Now gaming on your mobile devices gets even better with this classy new Bluetooth wireless joystick available for pre order now.

Mobile accessories brand SteelSeries had announced the launch of the SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller for mobile devices last month for international audiences. The SteelSeries Free Bluetooth powered joystick gamepad allows users to connect seamlessly with any Android or iOS powered mobile device and enjoy games as they would on game consoles like the Xbox or Playstation. Earlier the device was unveiled but the availability and price were not revealed until now. Now the company has started taking pre booking orders for SteelSeries Free for 80 Euros or Rs 5,500. The company will release the product and will start delivery by the end of this week itself.

The SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller gives users a thumb-stick style game controller that you can use with just about any game in place of an on-screen joystick or d-pad. The device connects to devices with Bluetooth and is easy to use as well.

With more and more hardcore gaming titles like Infinity Blade and GTA being added to mobile devices the on screen controls are turning futile and the SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Controller comes as a perfect solution. Users can easily customize each and every key as per their convenience with the device software currently available for iOS based devices and expected to be released for Android devices soon.

The device comes with an inbuilt battery pack making sure users do not need to change the battery over and over again, saving on cost as well. The device can be charged with a simple USB connection and boasts of up to 20 hours of gaming between charges. The actual battery consumption varies from user to user and game to game.

The device will be available in India through a variety of online and offline stores including stores like Flipkart and

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