Friday 5 October 2012

Nokia recalls the FP2 update a day after release

Owing to flaws and reported errors the Nokia FP2 upgrade has been removed for diagnostics.

Just two days after releasing the Belle FP2 upgrade, Nokia has now withdrawn it following complaints from users.

The upgrade was released on Wednesday (earlier this week,) but those who have installed it on their Belle operating system running Nokia devices, complained of failed installation, errors, and even problems with the installation of applications after the upgrades were loaded.

Acting quick on the issue, Nokia has taken the Belle FP2 upgrade off the servers for diagnostics and research on how and where things went wrong. The upgrade, as promised by the company, will be returned in the next few days or a week later-flawless and bug free. So those users who did not get their devices upgraded to the latest software should wait for the final upgrade to be made available.

While the reasons behind the failure of the upgrade are still not known, it is being speculated that the upgrade developed some kind of incompatibility with the older version installed on devices and therefore the problems.

Well, as of now there is no word on when another upgrade will be available for Nokia Belle.

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