Friday 5 October 2012

Google Drive for Android gets a nifty update

Google has released an update for the Drive for Android app and has added a bunch of features to the Documents Editor as well.

Google has pushed a major update to its cloud storage service-Drive. The new Google Drive for Android update now has better folder management, an efficient Document Editor and a number of other features. Google Docs has been merged with Drive for Android and slowly more features are being incorporated simultaneously for both the services.

Google Drive for Android update brings better folder management features. The user can now create, upload and even move files to a folder. Within the folders, you can now filter by file-type to find the file you are looking for.

The Documents Editor now enables you to create, reply to and resolve comments. Now users can also change document fonts and can pinch to zoom as well. Now there is basic tablet support in the Documents Editor. A richer Google Presentations experience has been added to view slideshows.

Google Drive will also detect gestures and offer the option to auto-sync pinned content over 3G networks.

New Google Drive for Android is live and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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