Monday 1 October 2012

Apple iPhone 5 facing design flaws

After iPhone 3GS, Apple products have been facing some or the other issue with the design.

Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 5 is suffering from some minor but concerning design flaws. According to many users, who have complained on a website known as 'Macrumors', the aluminum shell of the iPhone 5 they brought has scratches and is being chipped, right out of the box.

Apple has fitted the iPhone 5 with the black aluminum shell. However, if the reports are to be believed, the shell is gentle and fragile and thus the black bumper of iPhone 5 is not going to last very long and is likely to lose its colour in a very short time.

And this is not just a one of case but many users who have been able to lay their hands on the new device have been complaining a lot about scratches/dents/chips found on their devices. The problem is not just limited to black coloured iPhone 5 but with the white ones also. Most probably it can be attributed to some flaw in the packaging or with the device handling part that must have caused these damages.

Since the launch of iPhone 3GS white, Apple has been facing hardware and software issues. The Apple iPhone 3GS (white) faced major heating issues so much so that some users also complained their devices' white cover panel turning pink under immense heat generated form the devices especially around the battery compartments.

The iPhone 4 also became notorious in one Antennagate issue. Apparently, the Apple iPhone 4 used to lose cellular signals when users touch the lower left hand side of their devices. Apple then tried countering the issue by offering free bumpers to each and every person who bought the iPhone 4.

Then came the iPhone 4S which too was plagued with heating and low battery issues although the reasons for the same are still unclear but Apple managed to answer the issue with a software upgrade.

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