Sunday 14 October 2012

WebTarantula: Get Comprehensive Information & Stats About a Website

Webmasters have to keep an eye on up-to-date stats for their websites. They need to compare stats such as traffic and origins of traffic, keywords that bring visitors to the website, estimated price and revenues, and of course SEO ranks. Webmasters have to find out this information not only of their own website, but also of the competition for reasons of comparison.

There are many free to use web services that let you find out this information about a website but mostly you will find that a particular web service covers only a particular set of information. For instance, you would have to use one website for traffic analysis and use another site for revenue estimates. But if you are looking for a single web tool that provides you with all the information a webmaster could need, check out a site called WebTarantula.

WebTarantula is a free to use web tool that provides its visitors with all sorts of information about a website. To start, all you have to do is type in the URL of a website. WebTarantula will scan this website for all sorts of different information. This includes information about visitors, income and worth, content, keywords, network, SEO, usability, and changes made to the site.

Firstly you get a rating of the site based on all the information, along with a traffic trend analysis and a SEO score. As you move along the stats, you find an analysis of keywords which also mentions other websites using the same keywords as yours.

A speed analysis and a page size are also provided to give you an idea of the site’s loading time and how it compares with other websites online.

Income estimates include the website’s estimate worth and daily revenue.

All of this information is only a part of what is shown on the WebTarantula results page. The service truly offers a comprehensive analysis of any website.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • A must-have tool for webmasters.
  • Provides provides  tool for webmasters.
  • ensive analysis for webmasters.bTarantula results page. the and a SEO score. tance, you wouldthorough information about a website.
  • Shows stats about keywords, network, income, traffic, and much more.

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