Wednesday 3 October 2012

Sortbox: Automated Filters For Your Dropbox

If you are the kind of person that uses Dropbox for extensive file storage, then you may be having a problem keeping all of the files organised.  What would help would be some kind of automated solution which filters new files into various relevant folders, based on rules you have previously set up.  That is precisely what Sortbox offers.

You have to grant Sortbox access to your entire Dropbox account (so they can freely move your files around), but you can revoke access at any time.  The first thing you have to do, after granting access, is to set up your filtering rules.  So you can tell it to put all pictures in a pictures folder, all music in a music folder and so on.

What Sortbox then does is make a special folder in your Dropbox account, and it checks every 15 minutes to see if you have put files in there. If so, it checks your filtering rules to see if you have specified where that particular type of file should go.  If you have, it then automatically moves the file for you.


  • Free to use file filtering service for Dropbox.
  • Open source and BSD licenced.
  • Filters files in Dropbox, based on pre-defined rules.
  • All file movements logged in case a file disappears.

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