Tuesday 16 October 2012

Sample Airtel nano-SIM being tested for iPhone 5

We all know that the launch of the iPhone 5 is just around the corner in India. However, there is no official word on the exact launch date yet. A unique feature of the iPhone 5 is that it uses the newly formulated nano-SIM cards, which are smaller than the existing micro-SIM cards presently available in the market. Though the handset is available in India through the grey market, this new format of SIM cards are not yet available through carriers. Instead, users of the handset are cutting their SIM cards to size to make it compatible with the handset. As per a report by BGR.in, it now appears that Airtel has begun testing samples of nano-SIM cards that can be used with this handset.

As per the report by BGR.in, “What you see above is a sample Nano SIM card that will eventually get Airtel’s branding once it passes network testing. Watchdata is one of the several companies that provide SIM cards and related solutions to carriers. At the moment, we know other carriers are doing the same and we are assured Nano SIMs will be available at the time of launch of the iPhone 5.”

As per an earlier report by BGR, AirTel and Vodafone have already placed orders for new nano-SIM cards, which could point to Apple releasing the iPhone 5 in India relatively soon.

The BGR report also states that Airtel is sourcing the nano-SIM cards from Oberthur, and Vodafone from Syscom. Aircel is also said to have placed orders for the new, smaller SIM cards. Apparently, almost every carrier will support the new nano-SIM cards. This could make them more widely available than micro-SIM cards, as users can’t simply snip their existing SIM cards any further without damaging them. However, one would require adapters for existing handsets that only recently (with the launch of the iPhone 4) moved from the standard-edition SIM to micro-SIM.

The iPhone 5 that was recently launched is made entirely out of aluminium and glass, it weighs 112 grams and is 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S, and is the thinnest iPhone yet at 7.6mm thick. It’s the same width, but taller. Apple has chosen to debut iOS 6 with the iPhone 5 and the new set up includes Apple's own Maps application, an updated version of Siri and lots more. Overall, the new iPhone has been upgraded in almost all respects.

Apple says it has added more than 200 new features into the new iPhone, such as the ability to control it through a car, and cognizant features such as knowing when to alert you about returning calls, if you missed any.

Here is a quick look at the highlighted features of the iPhone 5:

4-inch, 326 ppi Retina display at 1136 x 640 pixels,
Bluetooth, USB 2.0 via new proprietary micro connector
8 megapixel camera with 1080p full HD video recording and a 720p
front-facing camera
16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions

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