Friday 12 October 2012

Percentage Loader: A jQuery Plugin To Display Application Progress

Often when online applications are loading up, they show a loading icon or progress bar. One of the most visually appealing progress bars is the progress speedometer that indicates the percentage completion of the process. Here to help you incorporate such a speedometer into your website is a tool called Percentage Loader.

Percentage Loader is a free to use web tool meant for web developers. The tool helps you incorporate the progress speedometer you often see on websites while their web apps are loading up. Percentage Loader is a simple jQuery plugin that helps you form your own progress speedometers and incorporate them into your own website. The plugin is sized at only 10 KB and makes use of the HTML5 canvas. Moreover the app uses vectors rather than images.


  • A user-friendly tool for web developers.
  • Comes as a jQuery plugin.
  • Lets you add a progress speedometer on your site.
  • Sized at only 10 KB.

Check out Percentage Loader @

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