Wednesday 3 October 2012

New app brings better YouTube playback to iOS

Known as Jasmine, the app brings in better YouTube playback for the iOS 6 based devices.

Apple iOS users have been complaining about the native YouTube application on the new iOS 6 because the application remains more or less the same. But users who are seeking for some better visual appeal form the YouTube service can go for a application called Jasmine which has been recently launched for iOS.

The new Jasmine application is a full featured YouTube application that aims to bring Android-YouTube-app-like functionality to the iOS devices complete with side menus and video preview page as well.

The application has full support for the Apple iPhone 5's Retina display. For better viewing of videos, the application also comes with optional night mode as well as automatic brightness control for the videos so that they can adjust according to the ambient light for the perfect viewing of videos.

Along with all this, the application also supports background audio playback as well. Users can minimise the application while listening to audio and video, both while doing other tasks on the devices.

The application is available free of cost for all Apple devices available from the iTunes app store. The app also comes with a contribution based pro version that adds the ability to add parental controls for the devices too making users choose what type of content can be played on the devices and what not.

The app is however compatible with devices running iOS version 6 only.

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