Wednesday 17 October 2012

Google Play now offers spyware protection

Now expect much more form your Google play application on your device as the new update gets some real nice features too.

Google has announced the launch of the latest version of its Google Play application. The update brings more utility to users rather than features to the application.

According to Android Authority, the Google Play application now has a built in application scanner. The application scanner will be a personal safeguard against malicious applications residing right on the devices. The updated Google Play 3.9.16 application will now be able to scan the application that are being installed on the device and raise an alarm if something suspicious is found out by the application.

This new feature will certainly come in handy while improving the security of the Android devices and protecting it from potential threats. The application verification will not just be limited to productivity or utility based applications, rather all types of applications will go under the scanner for suspicious behaviour.

Along with this, the Google Play application also gets a brand new wish list feature for the applications and users will be able to mark applications as favourite and view them at a later stage. Especially considering the large number of applications available on the Google Play store, this new feature will come in real handy for users.

These features have been enabled for devices running Google Play version 3.9.16 and if you are still running the older version of the software, it might be a good enough reason to upgrade to the latest version.

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