Friday 5 October 2012

GoClass: An App To Help Teachers Deliver Lessons On iPads

For quite some time now, iPad devices are being used in the classroom to assist students with the learning process. But without the proper applications to use, those iPads will not be of much use. One of the learning apps available for classroom purposes is GoClass.

GoClass is a free to use smartdevice application for iPads. The app is sized at nearly 11 MB and requires your iPad device to be running iOS version 4.2 or later. The app helps teachers deliver lectures through iPad devices. Teachers can create different lectures and add students to the virtual roster to give them access. Students can view different lectures and teachers can check out which lectures are being viewed. Teachers can annotate images while sharing them to get their point across.

Overall, GoClass makes learning through the iPad much easier and quicker.


  • A user-friendly iOS app.
  • Compatible with iPad devices.
  • Lets you deliver lectures to students on iPads.
  • Lets you annotate images and share them.
  • Lets you create different lectures.

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