Saturday, 13 October 2012

Gmail 4.2 app for Android to bring pinch to zoom

After several years, finally the official Gmail app for Android will get pinch-to-zoom function. Apart from that it will support swipe gesture to delete/archive emails.

Google is working to add more features to its Gmail app for the Android platform. Soon Google is expected to push the Gmail 4.2 app for Android with most demanded features such as pinch-to-zoom and many more. Android Police posted posted a video and images of the Gmail 4.2 app and explored the features in the update.

Google's Gmail app has existed since the first version of Android but the basic feature, pinch-to-zoom, has not been implemented till date. The Gmail 4.2 version app for Android will bring swipe gestures to it such as Swiping to right can be set to Archive or Delete the email.

By default, the setting is Archive or Delete and user can set it to delete directly.

The Pinch to Zoom feature has not been available even on multi-touch supporting Android based phones or tablets. Currently the Gmail 4.1.2 app version is available for the Android devices and quite possible that the update will be pushed when the new breed of Google Experience devices, dubbed as Nexus.

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