Monday 15 October 2012

GiddyUp: Easily Organize Meetups & Invite Friends

GiddyUp is a handy iOS app that gives users the option to invite people quickly to any meetup or plan.

If you recently planned an event, or just got an invite from somewhere and want to call your friends/contacts as well, then you will need to tell them via SMS or phone. However, messaging each contact would take time and would be a hassle.

GiddyUp allows users to send SMS (free of charge) with the event information to notify all those who did not have the plan of the event.

Users can quickly create events and send them to their phone’s contacts. GiddyUp is not restricted to only this, and also gives the option to add notes, photos and geo-tagged locations to the messages – this is great for showing people the exact venue of the event and so on.


  • Event contacts in batch and also have real-time attendance control on event day.
  • Group chat for each separate event.
  • Privacy controls – can also be shared on Twitter/Facebook if user wants.

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