Saturday 20 October 2012

Firefox Apps Marketplace now available for Android users

This is an early test version and is aimed at early adopters and testers only to judge their response.

Mozilla has released the first Aurora release (early test version) of Firefox Marketplace which currently available for early adopters and testers.
Firefox Marketplace is a new app store that will host web apps developed using web technology like HTML, JavaScript and CSS, which means that a single app can be used across platforms.

This release is only meant to get feedback for the developers on their apps. This initial release will help lead the way for future versions of the marketplace and eventually to the release of Firefox OS in 2013.

This release features a selection of showcase apps in the areas of games, productivity and news and media that users can browse, install and use. Among the first apps ready for testing are Distant Orbit, Jauntly, Soundcloud and Twitter.

Mozilla says that it's still early days for Firefox Marketplace Aurora and will be adding payments, ratings, reviews and more soon.

The users who do not have Firefox Aurora on their Android phones and want to try the marketplace, can download the Firefox Aurora here.

Once you have done that you can open Firefox Aurora from the 'Options' Menu, by choosing "Apps" (if you don't see "Apps" as an option, choose "Tools" then "Apps"). Then on you can browse and download apps and also give feedbacks which developers can use to develop the apps further.

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