Sunday, 7 October 2012

Delighta: Access Google Services Via SMS Commands

Delighta is a useful service that lets you access a handful of Google services via SMS commands on your mobile, which is especially useful in a place with no mobile Internet access. Using Delighta you can create SMS groups, backup SMS messages to a Google spreadsheet, make/edit appointments in your Google calendar, enter data into a Google spreadsheet or use Google translator.

To start using Delighta, register on the website and send your Gmail user ID (ex: to the number +1-408-357-4815.

To get a sense of how to correctly access the Google services, just follow the detailed instructions on the website.


  • Access Google servcies via SMS commands on your mobile.
  • Create SMS groups.
  • Backup sms messages to your Google spreadsheet.
  • Made/edit appointment in Google calendar.
  • Translate text using Google translate.
  • Free, register on the website to start using.

Check out Delighta @

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