Monday 8 October 2012

CamDip: An Online App To Help You Make Group Video & Audio Calls

While many of us use Skype for our conference calls, sometimes people just do not have Skype installed or they need to conduct conference video calls. For those times, web apps come to the rescue and one of these helpful little apps is a tool called CamDip.

CamDip is a free to use online application that helps its users conduct group video conferences and group audio calls with an unlimited number of people. The site also supports textual chat alongside the video and audio conversations.

Starting with the service is quite easy: you create a new chat group and then begin inviting people to your group. What sets CamDip apart from similar web apps is that it supports HD webcams and employs acoustic echo cancelation of Flash Player 10.3 for better audio.


  • A user-friendly web app.
  • Lets you hold group video and audio conferences.
  • Does not place a user limit in conferences.
  • Supports text chat and emoticons.
  • Supports echo cancellation.
  • Supports HD webcam.

Check out CamDip @

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