Wednesday 3 October 2012

BananaTag: Easily Track & Analyze Your Emails

BananaTag brings a revolutionary concept to your very footsteps. BananaTag not only allows users to tag and track their emails but it also analyzes them and shows the whole summary using a graph.

This graph shows you a complete detail of the emails you sent, the number of people who clicked it and the ones who opened it. It also shows you how many of the people you sent the emails to be accessing them from their Desktop or Mobile. The location insight gives you an insight to the places where the emails were accessed from – the location of the people.

Honestly, this type of tool is not for the regular email user, but for business
organizations and small businesses who communicate with their clients via e-mails. This is also great for people who advertise via e-mails (not SPAM), and would allow them to find how much audience they reach.

Using the BananaTag tool is pretty easy and simple. Just download the tool and have it integrated into your Outlook software or your Google or Google Apps account. There is also a non-integrated browser email tracking for all other email clients and mobile devices.
There is a FREE available version for a person that allows them to track 100 emails per day.


  • Track emails and analyze statistics
  • Analytic report includes – location insight, the number of emails opened, and the number of links clicked inside email
  • Notification can be sent to your inbox or full details can be seen from online website

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