Friday 12 October 2012

Apple marketing new iPod line-up with Bounce commercial

With the 2012 range of iPods beginning to ship to early adopters of the brand’s latest personal music players, Apple has posted a creative and colourful commercial for its new iPod line-up.

The advertisement had first appeared during the unveiling of the iPod range, and it is now available for everyone to watch. In the advertisement, an iPod touch bounces, and transforms into an iPod nano, which then bounces and changes to an iPod shuffle. The advertisement appears to be very creatively made, and the colours add flavour of the video.

Apple had revealed the new fifth-generation iPod Touch, and the seventh-generation iPod nano at a widely-covered event in San Francisco last month. Yesterday, the iPods went up for sale.

A recent report had stated that users who had pre-ordered the iPod Touch and iPod nano have received email notifications from Apple that their orders have been shipped, and deliveries are expected by October 15. Going by photos tweeted by customers from Apple stores, it appears Apple has also started selling the new iPod touch and iPod nano at some of its retail stores.

The new iPod touch is the thinnest iPod touch ever, and features a 4-inch Retina display, Apple’s A5 chip, and Siri. Housed in an anodised aluminium body, it’s even slimmer than the iPhone 5 at just 6 mm thick, and weighs just 88 gm. With Apple’s dual-core A5 chip inside, iPod touch is touted to deliver up to twice the processing power and up to seven times faster graphics than the fourth generation iPod touch. Apple states that the device has a battery life of up to 40 hours of music playback and up to eight hours of video playback.

While most components of the device have been upgraded, the new iPod touch’s 5-megapixel camera is a downgrade from its predecessor’s 8-megapixel camera. The camera has autofocus, support for 1080p video recording with video image stabilisation, face detection and an LED flash. It also has a new panorama feature that lets you capture panoramic photos by simply moving the camera across a scene. It also features Siri, Apple’s voice-based intelligent assistant. Siri arrives on the new iPod touch with support for more languages, easy access to sports scores, restaurant recommendations and movie listings. The new iPod touch also includes built-in Facebook integration with ability to post directly from Siri, Shared Photo Streams via iCloud and other key iOS features like iMessage, FaceTime, Mail and Game Center.

The reinvented iPod nano is quite slim at just 5 mm in depth, and features a large, 2.5-inch capacitive touchscreen display, a home button, and buttons to control volume and play, pause or change songs. The new iPod nano has built-in Bluetooth for wireless listening with Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers and cars. Apple claims the iPod nano will give you 30 hours of music playback. Other features include a pedometer and support for Nike+. The new iPod nano comes in seven colours.

The US website states that the iPod touch is available for $299 (approx. Rs 15,900) for the 32GB version and $399 (approx. Rs 21,200) for the 64GB version. The Apple India website shows the iPod touch 32GB version priced at Rs 23,900 and the 64GB version at Rs 30,900. Keeping in mind the fact that the iPod touch is a portable media player minus the connectivity offered by a phone, the price for India could have been a bit lower.

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