Thursday 11 October 2012

Android-based Siri alternative Maluuba now available worldwide as Maluuba International

Maluuba, an Apple Siri like personal assistant, is now available to all Android users worldwide. Until only accessible to users in US, Australia, Ireland and UK, company has released a new app variant to tap the international audience; it can now be downloaded from Google Play as Maluuba International.

Why a new app rather than making the old app available to everyone:

Maluuba told Techcrunch that its service depends on a large number of local content partners. Many of these, however, aren’t available everywhere so, user experience isn’t very good without reliable access to partner content. So, while the original app will only be available in core markets, Maluuba International brings some of the cool features to everyone.

We tried the app just now and it was quite efficient in understanding Indian accent. It might not be perfect, but it got me right over 70pc of the times. The results are from the usual sources, so nothing spectacular there.


  • Google Calendar, Reminders, Alarms
  • Weather, Navigation, Knowledge, Search
  • Call, Text, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Limited support for concerts and events
  • Limited support for restaurants and businesses (depending on regions supported by Yelp)

“Maluuba helps you schedule appointments, set reminders, check the weather, discover concerts and entertainment events happening, and much more,” claims company on Google Play listing.

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