Sunday 1 September 2013

DbNinja: Manage Databases & Easily Access Your Hosted Servers Remotely

Webmasters and network administrators often have to remotely monitor operations. Amongst other things, this means that they need to remotely access their databases. If you are looking for a tool that helps you do this, you should check out something called DbNinja.

DbNinja, or “Database Ninja” is a tiny browser-based application that assists in MySQL database management. The tool itself has been built using PHP. You can download the ZIP package it comes in which is sized at nearly 200KB and find that it has a convenient desktop-like interface which allows you to connect to multiple databases at the same time.

Remotely accessing your databases and modifying them is possible through the app. All communication is encrypted so your data is secure even if your browser does not have SSL.


  • A user-friendly browser based tool.
  • Made using PHP.
  • Lets you remotely manage your databases.
  • Can connect to multiple databases at once.
  • Uses encrypted communication.

Check out DbNinja @

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