Sunday 29 September 2013

Detext: Drive Attentively By Disabling Email, SMS, & Call Notifications [Android]

You will find children and teens texting their friends and being on the phone with them, anywhere they go. While this might not be a problem normally, it can be potentially dangerous when the person using the cellphone is driving. Even when somebody turns their phone on a Silent profile, they still keep getting it out to check notifications for messages and phone calls.

Now, thanks to a tool called Detext, parents of such teens can take precautions and prevent their children from being distracted by phone notifications while driving.

Detext is a free to use application that aims to reduce road accidents caused by people paying attention to their phones rather than the road. Basically, this application is able to stop all the notifications that are initiated by text messages and phone calls. The ability to send messages and makes calls is disabled as well. The same applies to receiving and sending emails. This action is initiated only after the application automatically detects that the phone is in speedy motion; speed detection is done via GPS.

While the phone is in this mode, your texts and emails are saved; you can view them later while you are stationary. Meanwhile, people texting you are sent an automatic response that notifies them of the fact that you are currently driving and will get back to them later. Apart from these, there are a bunch of other features that parents can enable to make the app more useful.

For example, you can set a speed limit and be notified by email anytime your teen goes over that speed limit; you can enable a list of safe and emergency numbers that your teen will be able to contact even while driving; you can enable a passenger mode that requires a passenger to solve a puzzle and get out of the blocking mode.

All of these features make this app a must-have for all parents whose teens own Android devices.


  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • Disables texts, emails, and phone calls while driving.
  • Sends auto-replies to people sending you texts.
  • Can notify you if car is going over speed limit.

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