Thursday 26 September 2013

TweetPixx: View Geotagged Twitter Images On A Map

There are a lot of pictures being shared on Twitter and if you wanted to see where those pictures are coming from geographically, check out TweetPixx. It is a location based Android app that lets you explore and view geo-tagged Twitter photos on a map, from your Android device. You can view photos from your own or friend’s Timelines’, discover trends or images from a particular location on the map, search by hashtag or keyword.

If you liked a particular image, you can retweet it , add it to favorites, share it or browse other images from the same user. You can browse the images without signing in to your Twitter account but if you want to do the sharing stuff (retweet, follow etc) you have log in to Twitter within the app.


  • Explore geo-tagged Twitter images on a map.
  • Location based app for Android.
  • View geo-tagged images from your own Twitter timeline or your friends’.
  • View trending events and photos from a particular location.
  • View photos on a grid or on a map.
  • Search for photos by hashtag or keyword.
  • Save favorite searches.
  • Retweet, share and favorite interesting images.
  • Follow people.
  • Free app.

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