Thursday 26 September 2013

Microsoft Fresh Paint: Upscale Painting Application For Windows 8

If you liked the original Windows Paint app (Paint.exe), check out Fresh Paint. It is an upscale version of Paint.exe with more features optimized for touch based screens. So even a 3-year old kid can start painting with a finger on the screen. The app acts almost exactly as if you were painting on a real canvas surface. The screen reacts differently if you apply brush, pastel or a pencil, just like a real canvas would; or when you mix red and yellow colours, the resulting colour becomes orange.

You can also digitally dry your paint, create ripples in the water, or insert a picture and trace and paint over it. And of course, you can always Undo if you make a mistake


  • Optimized for touch based interaction, present on Windows 8
  • Draw with fingers, like on a real oil canvas
  • Digitally dry your paint
  • Surface reacts differently to different utensils (brush, pastel or a pencil)
  • Free to download

Check out Fresh Paint @

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