Wednesday 11 September 2013

Chromebooks with Intel’s 4th generation core processors coming this week: Report

More manufacturers expected to release Chrome OS devices

New Chromebooks are coming in. According to a report in PC World, Google and Intel are expected to announce new Chromebooks at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) this week.

Some of these upcoming Chromebooks will be powered by Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors (codenamed Haswell).  Also, PC World notes that we should expect to see more manufacturers joining Chrome OS world with HP, Acer, Lenovo and Samsung at IDF. We think one of these new vendors is going to be Asus, which has long-rumoured to be working on a Chrome OS device.

Details about the new Chromebooks and new Chrome OS partners are expected to be revealed at tomorrow’s IDF keynote by Doug Fisher, GM of Intel’s software and services group.

To remind you, Chrome OS is a Google Chrome-based operating system, which is designed to work when connected to internet. First Chromebooks by Acer and Samsung were announced back in 2011 and since Lenovo, Google itself and HP have joined in. The cheapest Chromebook retails for around $199, while the most expensive model goes for around $1299.

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