Monday 23 September 2013

Alleged Android 4.4 images leaked online

As we head closer to October, leaks pertaining to Android’s next version 4.4 aka Kitkat have started to appear. In the last few days, two of the alleged Android 4.4 sighting have been recording online, first was a part of Korean IME Google play listing and second is a set of Nexus 4 images with Android 4.4 that have been posted by couple of blogs.

While there is no way to know for sure if any of these leaks is indeed authentic but they are worth sharing.

Talking about the screenshot that appeared in Korean IME Google Play listing first (it has since been removed by Google), this screenshot shows an updated status bar with light gray icons and clock font. This screenshot also shows a debug icon – a piece of pie (Key Lime Pie), suggesting that the device, on which this screenshot was taken, was probably running on a slightly older build of Android 4.4, when Kitkat naming was not official and only a select few in Google knew about it. This particular leak does not reveal much and just hints that we will be seeing some sort of changes in the Android status bar.

Coming to a comparably bigger leak, a tipster has shared multiple images of Android 4.4 running Nexus 4. As you can see in the following images (full images later in the post), Google seems to be going for a revamped dialler, messaging app, flatter app icons and a status bar that matches with the colour of your wallpaper or the open app.

Some blogs think that these images are fake and they can very well turn out to be but as they are certainly better than shoddy photoshop jobs that appear now and then as leaked images, we are not so easily ruling them out. Do let us know your thoughts on these images in comments.

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